Written by baron

2 Feb 2016

Up to a year ago me and Roy used to play at his most thursday morning's.

I would arrive about 9 am .the door left on its latch.l let myself in and went upstairs .

he would be waiting in his bed stark naked his 5"cock erect and ready. Sometimes he would wear a blindfold . Other times a pair of his wife's sexy panties.

I would soon get naked and walk to the bed my 8"cock bouncing in front of me.

Sometimes I would put my mouth over his cock then close it around his cock as he squirmed about on the bed.

other times l would feed my cock into his mouth for him to suck me off with his blindfold still on.

Turned up one day to find him laying on the bed as usual. He had connected his camera up to it. As I stripped off he switched it on . On the tv came a picture of as it turned out his wife having sex with a guy in the bedroom.

We layer on the holding each others cocks as we watched his wife sit on the bed the guy stood in front of her his erect cock near her mouth . She leaned forward and slid her mouth over his cock sucking and licking along its length..

Roy moved down onto my cock is mouth sucking my cock just like his wife sucking the guy off in the film.

In the end the guy in the film layed on the bed we watched as she knelt over him her legs astride we could see her gaping pussy as she held his cock as she lowered herself on to his cock.

we watched as she fucked his cock . She arched her back as the orgasms began to hit her could hear her moaning and sighing as she rode his big cock.

Roy said the guy in the film would soon be cumming .

we watched as he shot his spunk into her.

into view moved Roy in the film he fed his cock into her mouth and proceeded to fill it full of spunk . Afterwards he moved the camera to her soaking pussy giving a shot of the spunk flowing from her pussy from the guy.

Roy and me then went about making each other cum.

he told me he had about 10films of his wife having sex with various guys.

It turned out he enjoyed watching her have sex with others and they had bigger cocks which she really wanted and liked.