Written by Julian

23 Aug 2010

I am a happily married but increasingly Bi man who has been enjoying an occasional relationship with another married Bi. Last week

I was meant to be meeting J for some stocking clad fun at his house while his wife was away. I was really looking forward to it and had bought some new silky stockings to go with my pink satin suspender belt and tiny lacy thong!

Unfortunately J had to cry off because of a short-notice business meeting and there would be no later opportunity until the weekend when alas I could not make it, we were both so disappointed! I was also insane with lust and, frankly I needed cock and badly!

So, I went at lunchtime to a Gay sauna I occasionally frequent and was pleaseed to find it fairly busy, including naked men sunbathing on the discrete deck, mmm! Having further aroused myself by looking at the naked, toned men I proceeded to the sauna itself, a wonderfully dark, hot, wet room with an occasional sweep of light. It was not busy but there were two men, seemingly mid 40s, both

hairy who, like me, were making circuits of the room. Suddenly one stopped me and stroked my taught buttocks which I wiggled a little to show my approval as my cock lept to near full erection. Then we were kissing, open mouthed all tongues and hot, urgent breath. Even as we ran our hands over each other's bodies I was aware of the third man, also wonderfully hairy, moving to join us. Soon we were a trio of writhing, wet, kissing manly, hard flesh as I moved from kissing one to the other (what a slut!).

I was hugely excited and dropped to my knees and sucked each of their hard cocks in turn, bliss! By now it was clear which man I wanted, the third man, who - I must confess - had a much bigger cock...what a Gay slut I am!!

We went hand in hand from the hot, fetid sauna room to find a private cubicle, he stopped to take condoms from a wall-mounted dispenser on the way! We entered one of the cubicles, which had mirrored walls and ceiling, and threw our towels aside. Again we were kissing, deeply, wantonly, lovingly, our hands roaming over our hard, wet, men's bodies. At such wonderful moments I know that I am increasingly Gay and I love it!

Having fallen to my knees I feasted on his magnificent cock, sucking deeply and deep throating him so my lips were hard against his light pubic hair! It was fabulous being able to watch this as well on the mirrors, seeing what a cocksucking slut Julian really is, mmm! He then returned the favour, sucking beautifully, so much so that I had to stop him as I knew I would cum!

Then, wanting his huge cock in me, I got on all fours! He needed no second invitation and I heard the condom wrapper rip and saw him urgently fitting the condom on his throbbing cock! I wanted it, I wanted it so badly in my tight little hetrosexual ass!

He crouched behind me, I could see in the mirror just how strong his legs were, then I felt the lube on my

tight hole before, bliss oh bliss, his cock slowly nudging me and then entering, ohmygod he was big!

He fucked me gorgeously, long deep strokes, his cock feeling deliciously hard in me. Dont you just love that moment, its heaven and I know now that I find homosexual love so natural, so fulfilling so wonderful!

I was slowly rotating my hips and ass to increase his pleasure, and to reveal to him what a slut I am! He was then whispering in my ear and his thrusts became more urgent - I knew he was going to cum!

I pushed my punished ass byck to meet his ever-more vigorous thrusts and then I heard him grunt powerfully in my ear as he began to spurt hugely into my ass. At that moment I could see, rather than feel, his hand around my cock beneath me and I came massively spurt after spurt over the plastic mattress as he came in my ass, ohmygod, get any better!?