7 Dec 2016

This is a story about a meet I had recently on this site.

I was chatting away in the chatroom with the usual success.... lots of people talking but not many meeting.

Then, a guy I had previously met came on line and started chatting again. We were talking about how I had previously only sucked his cock and drunk his cum but on that day I was gagging for a little bit more.

He said he was free and that he would happily fuck me (if I brought the condoms & lube) and I thought it was my lucky day.

Then the conversation got interesting....

He asked if I had ever cross-dressed. I hadn't but had sometimes thought about it. It was irrelevant anyway, as I didn't have any lingerie to wear. He asked me my size and said it was fine as his wife had some stockings and suspenders which would fit me. I was just curious enough to give it a try and we agreed to meet.

I got to his house and when I went in (after the usual pleasantries), he handed me some black lacy underwear and showed me to the bathroom to get changed.

I had there some fishnet stockings and see through black lace knickers and put them on. They were the right size but I was now so turned on by being dressed like this and about to be used, I struggled to get my, now very hard, cock in the knickers.

I composed myself and went into the bedroom where he was now completely naked and lying on the bed stroking himself. I wasted no time at all and got straight down to business putting his tasty cock in my mouth. as soon as it got nice and hard, I came up for air and said, how about that fucking you promised me ?

He didn't need to be asked twice. I bent down over the bed, put some lube up my ass as he put on a condom and lubed himself up. He then came round behind me, pulled the knickers to one side and pressed his cock into my arse. I was so horny by now, it slid straight in. I couldn't believe that here I was, dressed like the slut I am being fucked.

He started thrusting in and out and really giving me a good fucking. It wasn't long before I heard his breathing get faster and his body tighter and felt him give one big thrust as deep as he could and he groaned as his cock spasmed and exploded into the condom.

He pulled out and I went back to the bathroom to clean up and get changed back into my clothes.

I was so horny thinking about it that I even had another wank at home after.

If anyone else van accom and wants to fuck me like a slut too, just get in touch... I'm more than happy to oblige.