Written by baron

6 May 2012

my wife said she was off to london to see a show with work mates. i thought a great chance to have dave and ruth over for a sexy meet.

we had,nt been able to meet for a few weeks so i was horny for some pussy and cock,i am bi and ruth likes to watch me and dave together.

had a text from dave saying they were on route would be there in 10 mins.the door bell rang i opened it for dave and ruth they stepped into the lounge ruth removed her coat she had a small black dress on she looked as horny as ever for a 60 yr old she looks so sexy. dave looks sexy to he,s 62 with a nice flat stomuch with a great 6" cock.

i got us some wine but we feel at ease with each other so i took them into the bedroom, dave and ruth kissed as i removed my shirt,dave slipped ruths zip down and pushed her dress of her shoulders letting it fall to the floor.ruth stood there in black bra panties and suspenders i removed my trousers and stepped forward to hold ruth from behind her warm body sending tingles through me,my erect cock only held in by my boxers.ruth said she could feel a hard cock against her back.i held and caressed her tits as dave undressed removing all his clothes his cock sticking out in front.

ruth stood between us she hooked her fingers into the top of my boxers and slipped them down revealing my cock she pulled dave and me together so our cocks were together she held them wanking them together she then knelt down and licked and sucked our two cocks i leaned forward and kissed dave sticking my tongue in his mouth he responded back pulling at my nipples as ruth enjoyed herslf on our cocks.

ruth told me to lay on the bed she and dave watched as i wanked my cock in front of them dave removed her bra letting those tits out she has huge hard nipples i watched as he sucked on them slipping his fingers into her panties and into her pussy i could here his fingers sliding into her pussy she pushed her panties down and layed on the bed dave removed her panties revealing her hairy pussy .

ruth moved up the bed dave opened her legs and started to suck her pussy she moaned and screamed as hie tongue licked along her pussy lips, i knelt on my knees my cock in front of her face she took hold of it and fed it into her mouth her red lips sliding along its length.dave sucked and watched as his wife took another mans cock in her mouth after a few mins he moved up and replaced his mouth with his cock in his wifes pussy he fucked her as he watched my cock start to spurt she sucked every drop out some of it hitting her face leaving her covered in spunk.it was to much for dave he pulled his cock out and spunked on her body and tits i leaned down and licked his spunk of her tits.

we cleaned ruth up she said for us to play while she rested me and dave layed together kissing and caressing each other in front of ruth we moved into a 69 position sucking the cock in front of us dave had my balls on his chin he had taken my cock so far down his throat,i fingered his arse while sucking his cock,we could hear ruth saying it was so sexy seeing us together.dave rolled me off onto my front he had me stick my arse up in the air ruth in the meantime had strapped on her dildo she moved round the front and had me lick and suck along its length dave was kissing and fingering my arse getting it ready for her to fuck me he put some lube onto and in my arse and on the dildo,

ruth moved behind and fed it into arse stretching my hole with its massive girth and length she fed it in pushing harder and deeper the pain subsiding to pleasure as she fucked her husbands friend he fed his cock into my mouth telling me i was there cumslut to do what they wanted with,dave held my head as he fucked my mouth his wife pounding my arse with her dildo.he held my head as he filled my mouth with his spunk leaving his cock in so i had to swallow it all.ruth removed the dildo from my arse leaving me laying there my arse throbbing i was laying exhausted they rolled me over and both played with my cock taking in turns to kiss and suck along it.

i lay ruth on her back and parted her legs i fed my cock into her pussy it slipped in easily she was so horny tonight ,i rolled her onto her knees and licked her ring piece pushing my tongue in i lubed my cock and slid it into her arse and said you can see what it feels like when i fuck your husband she pushed back onto my cock taking it all in ,

dave got us to stop he moved under her she fed his cock into her pussy i moved back and slipped my cock back into her arse after a while she said put them into together i removed my cockfrom her arse and slid it in next to daves, she pushed back taking both cocks into her pussy we filled her pussy with cock i was about to fill it with spunk and cover daves cock at the same time, i felt it shoot into her my cock slipped out dripping spunk onto his balls and cock.dave layed there as she fucked his cock orgasming again and again on him she moved of him and told me to suck him i sucked and wanked him till he came in my mouth again.i said as we layed on the bed ruth was horny tonight she said she was in the mood and the night was.nt over yet, thats another story for later