Written by baron

18 May 2011

often wondered what a cock would be like to suck so called at the local picnic site on way home from darts, i parked the car and sat watching the figures moving in the shadows amongst the bushes,

i got out of the car and went towards the bushes not going to deep, i stood by the bush for a few minutes watching the movement around me,i looked to the left and saw someone approaching he said your new here as he moved his hand across my cock in my trousers, i looked down seeing his cock dangling in front i took hold of his cock wanking along its length, i could feel it growing in my hand,

he removed my trousers and held my pants i felt him pull them down over my now erect cock he wanked my cock while i removed his trousers and boxers, i should think he wa about 30, 20 yrs younger than me, he said you will be popular up here with a cock this size its about 8" as he knelt down taking it into his mouth,his hot tongue slid along its length licking around its swollen red bell end,he sucked along its length biting with his teeth as he caressed my balls.

he licked the end which was now leaking as he wanked along its length i was,nt far from coming now my cock was aching, i said i,m coming, he carried on wanking as my cock spunked onto the grass.

he stood back up caressing my cock, i took hold of his standing by his side i wanked his cock and felt his arse, his cock was rock hard about 6" long but had a sexy bend towards his stomuch, i bent down to suck along its length taking the whole 6" into my mouth,after a while i felt him tense and shudder i felt his first cum in my mouth i slipped his cock out of my mouth watching him cum in front of me.

we both went are seperate ways but for me that was the first of many meets, if you want to know more let me know.