Written by Ryan Lewis

8 Dec 2010

I'm surprised how many other men have put their stories on here about the need to expose themselves as they grew up,I thought I was the only one who was like that.For me as my sex hormones kicked in just masturbating was'nt enough anymore,I had this terrible desire to be naked in public places,little did I know how it would turn out.

I lived in a small hamlet a mile or so from a fairly isolated beach in North Wales.My mother and father were divorced,I lived alone with my mother,I had no real idea about sex,we went to chapel and things so I knew that masturbating was wrong,but that did'nt stop me,I just had to be carefull where I did it,Iused to take myself off to this beach and do it there.

One thing led to another and soon I would spend long periods of time naked doing all kinds of things to myself,putting things up my backside,finding pieces of string and tying them around my cock and my balls but always ending up masturbating and always catching my spunk in my hand and then licking it off and swallowing it.

I was going there one day and I noticed that there was a car parked about a quarter of a mile from my beach,there was a chap sitting in it.When I got to the beach I got this tingling feeling at the thought of maybe he might be spying on me,it was only a fantasy really,but for some reason I liked it,anyway it did'nt happen that day.

It was a week or two later and the van was parked there again,it was empty,he was probably a surveyer or something.I was having my usual fun on the beach lost in my own sexual world,I had used a piece of string to tie a stone to my balls and walked around feeling the sensation it gave me,all the time masturbating myself.

I'd wandered a bit from where I'd left my clothes,I usually did anyway,I'd taken the stone off my balls and was just masturbating as I walked,I turned around to head back to wher I'd left them.He appeared in front of me from behind a big rock,he was naked,he was doing what I was doing,he was masturbating himself,but his cock compared to mine was huge,mind you he was much older than I was.

I can't remember exactly what my thoughts were,it suddenly was'nt a fantasy,it was real,I remember the smile on his face,he said something to me but I have no idea what it was,I remember that I could'nt take my eyes off his cock in his hand and his balls moving up and down as he masturbated.

I kept putting my hand on and off my own cock,I just was'nt sure what to do,I'd stopped masturbating but my cock was stiil staying hard.I don't know how long we just stood there,he was saying things to me but they were'nt registering,I know it was something about how he'd enjoyed watching me for several weeks and how I'd really turned him on by doing things to myself and he was saying how he enjoyed doing things like that to himself.

I had no idea that men could have sex with each other,that men would actually touch each others bodies and definitely not each others sex organs,I was soon to find out otherwise.As he was telling me about some of the things he liked doing to himself he had moved up close to me,I like it he was saying when you tie things onto these,he reached down and took my balls in his fingers,my whole body started to instantly shake.

He was much older and bigger than me and even if I wanted to I could'nt speak.He did'nt take his hand away,his fingers moved up onto my cock,I really like it when you tie this tightly in string and then wank it off,I used to do that,I still do sometimes.

I was powerless to stop my cock reacting to his fingers moving up and down it,its so soft and yet so hard he was saying.You like putting things up your back end as well he was saying,I've got something I'd like to put up there,I honestly had no idea what he was talking about.

I just stood there and let him play with me,even though I did'nt know why he was doing it and I did'nt know how to stop him,something deep inside me did'nt want him to stop.He reached for my hand and put my fingers around his cock,that had me shaking even more,it was jumping in my hand,hot and throbbing,go on he said don't be shy give it a good rubbing as hard as you like,I obeyed and I was liking doing it.

Lets get your clothes and find somewhere a bit more comfortable he said,where we can lie down,I still had no idea what he was planning to do to me but I was suddenly really enjoying what we were doing to each other.He walked with me to where my clothes were,he continued to tell me about how often he masturbated and how young he was when he started and the things he liked to put up his backside to help him,he did all the things I liked to do.

We returned to the rock he'd come from behind,his clothes were there,there was also a blanket,he spread it out and lowered me down onto it and lay beside me,we were playing with each others cocks and feeling each others balls.He put his hand behind and felt my backside his fingers working in between my cheeks,I really liked that.

I liked it when he wet one of his fingers and put it inside me and moved it around,it made me feel more sexy,I had to hold his hand that was masturbating me as I did'nt want to come off just yet,I wanted more inside me,he put another wet finger in,I really was holding on even though I knew I was leaking my juice.

He lifted me onto all fours and I felt him lick between my cheeks,his tongue going where his fingers had just been.I knew it was his cock by the throbbing,it hurt more than I expected but for me it was worth it,it was the biggest thing I ever had up me but it was alive,very alive.

His arms were around my waist holding me in a tight grip as he started to push it in and out of me,he was wanking me with his right hand in time to the movement of his own cock,I started to come off like I did'nt know was possible,at that moment I did'nt know it but he was coming off inside me.After we'd both finished coming we lay on the blanket in silence.We made an agreement to meet again in a couple of days and he said I could put mine inside him,I litterally started to count the hours,it was all I was thinking of for the next couple of days.