Written by Harry_22

7 Jan 2013

I found the address no problem and walked up to the front door with the normal kind of apprehension that you would expect; a first meeting with a new guy for me would normally be in the woods or parked in the car. I was always a little unsure about going to people’s homes.

I had seen Jim in the chatrooms on a couple of occasions, but had no idea that he was so tall! He opened the door to me and stood at well over 6ft!

“Hi Harry, come in,” he said in a deep and calm voice. My nerves eased off at once, mostly due to him being dressed only in his dressing gown – I envied his front door opening on the side of his house, mine opens into the cul-de-sac and so I never get to answer the door so brazenly through fear of being seen!

“Alright,” I replied and stepped in as he moved aside, shutting the door behind me. He led me through to his living room where he was set up on the dining table, his desk top screen open on various porn sites and a chatroom as well. He ignored this now though and sat on the sofa. Standing pretty much in the middle of the room, I faced him and started to undress. I am not one for small talk as most people know by now and was more than happy to follow our arranged plan. I took my shirt off first, revealing my shiny camisole top. Jim pressed a remote control and I heard some porn start to roll on the tv behind me. I watched his eyes flick between me and the screen as his hand wandered to his groin and gently started to rub. I turned my back to him now and took in the scene on screen myself, it was a milf/teen lesbo scene and no wonder the youngster was noisy looking at the size of the dildo the older woman was fucking into her. My cock swelled in my jeans and I wished that I had stuck my ground and worn my bigger knickers, but Jim wanted me in a thong. I just knew that when I pulled my jeans down that there was no hope my cock would be contained!

I pulled my jeans down over my bum, cautious to not catch my suspender belt snaps. I stepped out of them and stood up, looking down at my hard on standing outright in front of me.

“Turn around then,” said Jim. I did and saw him licking his lips. “Nice,” he said quietly, “Wank it.” Naturally I obliged, I was rock hard in my grip, I pulled my foreskin back with my first stroke and it was happy to lock in place behind the swollen tip. Jim let out a low growl and moved his hand away from himself and let it rest at his side.

I wanked for him, making a bit of a how as we agreed, slowing down and speeding up, stopping all together at times to rub it over my smooth, cool top. The thong pulled at the my base and was a little uncomfortable. I adjusted it and let out a low gasp as the string pulled along my arse crack, a sensation that I really like. I bit my lower lip and reached behind me to hoist the string harder – it was not on the cards, but I suddenly wished that my hole was getting some attention.

Jim and I locked eyes as I stood there like this, my cock bouncing slightly on its own as I tugged on my knickers, I had put my other hand on my bum cheek and I wondered if he knew I was grabbing it hard fighting the urge to slap it! He pressed his remote again and instantly there was more masculine noise filing the room, men grunting and body contact noises with a few girlie moans as well – I know come shot porn off by heart now I smiled to myself. He smiled at me,

“I am ready,” he whispered. I let my cock go and moved in front of him, lowering myself to me knees by taking my weight on his.

I reached forwards and folded open his dressing gown. I had seen his body before on the cams in the rooms, but I was still very impressed by it now – there is no way you would guess he was in his 60s, maybe the only give away would be the silvery grey hair that now covers his chest and also his puses, although they are trimmed so short it is hard to make out a colour. I played my finger tips along his legs and followed them with my eyes; although there was no ignoring his member, I was trying to wait until I could truly take it all in. Finally, I let my fingers rest eight side of his cock and brought my face up, kissing on his legs as I did. I lifted my head and opened my eyes.

“Hmmmm,” I moaned out slowly. Before me was his nice fat cock, still soft as I knew it would be, laying over his balls. I could smell his precum and I could not hold back from lapping my tongue out to take in his taste. I moaned again as I lapped more and more around his helmet, pushing back his foreskin as I went, encouraging his dick to rise. Jim gasped as my tongue explored his ridge and I finally planted my lips fully around him. I nudged myself forwards letting wetness envelope him until finally my mouth stretched wide to let him in. Like a lollipop I locked my lips around his helmet and did my best to move further down his shaft, but due to the size of him, there was little more I could get in! I was amazed out how hard he got and how quickly after only a minute or so of this, Jim put his hand to my head and pushed me gently away. My cock was aching now between my legs and this just worsened when I looked down to take in the view; Jim was rigid and standing vertical to what looked like about 7 inches, I was so horny that I could not manage words, the breath heaving in and out of my chest. Jim nodded downwards for me and I stepped forwards, straddling his legs and lowering myself till we were inches apart. I felt my arsehole physically twitching in the hope that it was about to be let in on the fun – though I was not sure I would take him in, I really wanted to try!

I pulled the thong to the side more once again and then lowered myself that little bit more so that our cocks touched. Mine is a slim 6 inches, but looked tine next to Jim. I reached down and wanked again, some how managing to keep my balance. I could not take my eyes of his cock and I realised that he was breathing as hard as I was. I swung forwards slightly now so that my balls rested on his tip, aiming my cock high so that he would be able to see. I moved up a little, hitting the limit now due to the sofa, but at least it let me hold my position easier, but it did allow me to get further over his cock meaning that my balls rubbed across the underside of this tip now. His breathing told me that I was hitting the spot and I watched him close his eyes tight shut as his sensations grew. I decided to push my luck and let myself ‘slip’. His fat cock rested under my balls and I felt it bump against my perineum. But to no avail, the size of him meant that it got lodged between my legs and stayed there rather than the fantasy of him entering me!

“Now.” Jim said suddenly, but quietly and I quickly recalled what I was there for! I slid back from position and dropped to my knees again, his legs felt rigid, locked in position now. I was hungry for his cock and I closed my lips around it straight away and sucked down. Jim cried out and it twitched. I gagged which surprised me as he was not deep in and to keep momentum, I pulled him out and licked him instead, taking his shaft in hand to make sure I finished him off. I pumped my fist around him the inch or so of travel that was his shaft and lapped at his helmet all the while. He cried out again and this time it coincided with a hard squirt of come that hit firmly on the roof of my mouth. I tried to get it back on my mouth, back the spasming of his body as he came meant that I could only just keep a hold on it. I swallowed as the third spurt hit my tongue and then I shut my mouth and eyes, making sure that Jim would get the facial shot that he was after. I counted for more shots from that each hit my face, none near my eyes, though one more did land on my hair!

Jim was silent as I watched one last drop rolled out of his little slit and escape down the lip of his foreskin before I licked it up. He let out a breath really loudly and his legs relaxed. As quickly as his cock got hard, it now softened. I stood up, come running down the side of my nose and to my top lip where I sucked it in, and save a slight sheen, it looked the same as when I found it, lying lazily across his balls.

Knowing what our plan had been all along, I stood and went to the table to collect my clothes. There was no need for Jim to reciprocate, I got off so much from bringing him off, but I was so hard I wondered how I would close my jeans and the encouraging noise of the porn made me want to come more than ever! I leant against the table, beding slightly and facing away from Jim. I reached down to straighten the thong when to my delight I heard movement behind me and then a tug on the string of my knickers, pulling it firmly up to my arse once more. I sighed as his hand snaked round me and took my cock in hand and then squealed as the index finger of his other traced the material down and stopped on my hole, gently, but deliberately massaging me there.

“You are good, Harry,” he told as he squeezed my hard on, “and a bit naughty too, I think!” on the word, her pushed on my arsehole again. I was breathing heavy now, I was so close.

“You wanted it, didn’t you.” He said and it was a statement, not a question. I answered by moving my feet a little further apart and I felt him push harder in response. I wanted to reply yes, but my orgasm had crept up on me and instead I tensed up, spunking my load across his table while Jim whispered in my ear how dirty I was! My leg wobbled as I finished. Jim moved away while I pulled my jeans up but returned quickly with a small towel. He wiped the table first and then handed it to me to wipe my own face off. The smell of both our come was intoxicating to me and I wanted to stay and have another go on his wonderful cock. Jim remained to plan though and we swapped a bit of small talk as I finished getting dressed before he saw me to the door.