31 Mar 2016

I've been on here a while and met some great people , like I like to wear lingerie and like it on others to, I've met kev a few times his gay with a large cock, last Friday night I arranged to be at his at 8pm , as he doesn't live far I wore the lingerie under my clothes, when I got to his the door was open as usual and I went upstairs to the bedroom , I stripped of to satin and lace black bra, matching panties and suspenders belt, black stockings and a full black satin slip , I got on to the bed and kev came in with his thick cock on display, we was kissing and fondling and I went down and started sucking his cock till he got hard , he pulled my head on to it , I then felt someone kissing my arse and rubbing my panties I tried to move but kev said enjoy, I felt a finger go in my arse so I started to suck harder , my panties where pulled a side and a cock entered thrusting away, it wasn't as big as kevs but felt good , after a while the voice said I'm coming it felt good feeling his condom clad cock in my arse , kev then gushed in to my mouth, after swallowing all , I rolled to my back and there was a guy there in his fifties who kev introduced as James his gay friend, we played for hours, they are a couple of gay guys who like manly men in lingerie, feel free to contact me on here