Written by PRHT

29 Jun 2012

Its chucking it down outside,I woke up with a hardon,as you do,I haven't sucked a cock for five weeks and right now thats all I can think of,I've been looking at a few sites here on my pc,young lads wanking and sucking each other then fucking each others arses,I'd give anything to be that age again and starting out again on that voyage of discovery.

I didn't wake up one morning and decide I was homosexual,like most lads I started off with the first time I spunked,I knew fuckall about sex I didn't know why I was enjoying rubbing my cock,it wasn't the first time I got a hardon but it was the first time I felt the need to do a hand job on it,I don't know if every man remembers that moment when you feel your body jump and jerk and tighten up and then your hand is filling with a creamy liquid,now that you've done it for the first time you have to do it again and again,I think it was then that I got a thing about cocks,not a day passed when I didn't wank.

As I said I did'nt make a conscious decision to be homo,it just seemed to happen,at first it was wanting to look at cocks,changing room at the local baths,of course they'd always be limp,there would be the occasional semi hard,but my mind would be getting them hard and wondering about them being wanked,once or twice I started to get a hardon myself and I remember on one occasion this bloke,he was naked as well,but I saw something in his face,probably that lusty smile as he was looking me up and down,and even though he did'nt say or do anything to me,he put his fingers around his cock and I must admit I thought he was going to start wanking himself,he did'nt but I can remember something inside me almost hoping he would and I don't think he could not have noticed that my cock was having a bit of a response.

I used to go to the local beach,I always seemed to be on my own,I liked it that way,I started to wear sunglasses to hide my eyes so I could'nt be caught looking at the front of blokes trunks,it was mostly the speedo types then and there was no doubt that some blokes liked to display their goods and I liked seeing them.It was about then that I began to do a bit of exposure,discreet but intentional,when I saw a bloke in a fairly isolated place pick a little spot to change,always ending up naked,most of the time nothing would happen but on one or two occasions it turned a bit sexual,on reflection I still had what you might call an immature body?????? and a few blokes obviously found that attractive,over a short period of time I saw for the first time another blokes hardon,I had taken my next step.The following week I was in an isolated place when the same bloke come towards where I was,I took my trunks off and pretended I had'nt seen him approach.

He was also pretending he had'nt spotted me,he went behind a rock out of general view but where he was still visible to me,I can remember him looking around for other people but still pretending he hadn't seen me,he took his trunks off,he didn't have a hardon and taking another look around started to wank himself,it didn't take long to get his cock fully hard,still pretending to be keeping a look out,but in the process moving in such a way that I had a view of him from all different angles,it was a dream come true,the first time I saw another bloke wanking himself,even though I was young and did'nt know why I had an almighty urge to be the one who was wanking him.

I'm sure that he could see me but he gave no indication,as I watched him wank I instinctively started to give myself a good wanking,suddenly he turned fully towards me and he was looking straight at me,he was pushing his hips forward displaying to full size of his cock,I somehow knew he was about to spunk,and then I saw it,a bloke spunking and within seconds I had a handfull of my own spunk,I had taken another step in my sexual development.