Written by Harry_22

19 Jun 2013

Thanks to traffic on the M4 I was late to the hotel by about 3hours and I was in a proper bad mood because it meant I had to stand up a couple. They were cool about I learnt on text as I was parked on the motorway! Jay explained that his girlfriend had a headache anyway! I tried to keep my mood going replying that girls bailing rarely meant that I missed out on fun, but the messages soon trailed off. When I finally checked in I was chuffed to see some one I knew in the hotel lobby, a guy called Ed who I had met up with a few times in the same place. I buzzed with a little excitement but it was only fleeting because as I raised my arm to get his attention, a colleague saw me form the other end of the bar and so began a painful few drinks over some shop talk!

Ed had other ideas though and as I sat their discussing the latest trends in training courses I swapped a series of texts with him that became racier and racier. In the end I simply blurted out to my colleague, “Ian, I got to go, man, I need a shower and a freshen up!” He apologised for keeping me and I headed up to my room.

I left my door ajar and true to his texts, I had just enough time to get naked and get the water running, I stepped into the shower just as the door shut and Ed walked in to the bathroom. I met him before so I knew the drill, I showered without paying him any heed, but obviously aware of him peeling off his own clothes until he stood there in a matching bra and knickers and holdup stockings while he watched me. Naturally I exaggerated the amount of suds I needed and made a show of cleaning and rinsing my arse, I could see in peripheral vision his hand playing over his nipples and slowly wanking.

I turned off the water and stayed in the bath toweling off and rubbing my own hard on. It was hot and stuffy in the room and I walked out the bathroom past hm to go and open the bedroom window. The cool breeze tickled around my body and I realised for the first time just how turned on I was. I sensed Ed coming up behind me and I tinged with excitement, I loved this part.

I had left my collar on the side by my case and his trembling fingers put it on me know. I had taped over all the holes bar one, with its familiar tightness, not enough to compromise me, but enough to be uncomfortable. With a click, the short lead was attached and Ed pulled on it gesturing me down.

“On your knees,” he told me and I did so, “turn around.” I turned and his cock was inches form my face. I opened my mouth for him and he chuckled. He lifted his cock, average shaft and girth about 6 inches like my own, and put his hand to back of my head, pulling my mouth onto his heavy balls. He was shaved so I really enjoyed licking around his smooth sack, loosely sucking his balls into my mouth in turn. He is nice and responsive to my attention and so my cock throbbed even more. He pulled back and I dropped my jaw, leaving my mouth there for him. I could smell his precome on him and see the light glisten of his stocky helmet. I lapped out with my tongue and tasted him, we both groaned at this.

With a swift movement his pace changed and his hard shaft was suddenly pushing into my mouth. I locked onto him sucking him as much as I could letting more taste into my mouth. After two easy pushed in I felt my nose squash into him and then the rewarding feeling of his body pressing on my lips as well. He was all in and his groans told me what a good job I was doing! He adjusted himself so he could pull the lead back through his legs and the tug on my neck buried him in to the back of my throat. I gagged briefly at the sudden change, but managed to get it under control. He stood back, pulli gon my lead again and this time leading me to the bed. He pushed me over it and I grunted in pleasure, making sure I came to rest with my head at the edge of the bed and my legs wide open. He rolled me onto my back and with my head hanging off the edge slightly he dropped his balls onto my face and back to my ready lips. Another pull on the lead and my lips parted once more this time to receive his hard cock, with the slight downward angle he had he was unable to get it all in now so he took the opportunity to fuck my mouth. He grunted and heaved his breath now as I sensed him getting ready to come. My neck felt tired and so with a gesture of my hand we changed position. Ed lay on the bed and he pulled me up it until I was kneeling between his legs. His hard cock standing proud I wanked him, felling it twitch to my touch and then lowered myself forwards. I encased his tip in between my lips and suck as I slowly tugged on him. His groans returned in an instant and his body locked rigid. When I sank back down on him for about the fifth time he was ready to blow and so he did, his hot spunk shot into my mouth and I managed to collect a couple of spurts before I swallowed him down and then I took the same load again, he was such a big spunker.

I lay on the bed stroking my cock softly as he got ready. I was rock hard and wanted to come but at the same time wanted to stay in this state of arousal. Ten minutes later I was heading back to the bar feeling pretty kinky with the warm feeling of where my collar had been and the taste of Ed’s come in my tongue.

I got to the bar and the place was dead now, but then it was 11 o’clock on a school night! There was just me and another guy drinking. We nodded at each other but it was only a little later that a thought occurred to me;

“Hi Jay speaking,” he said answering his phone. He hung up after a short conversation and I decided to find something out, I sent a text, resuming my earlier correspondence, ‘still fancy some fun?’ I was delighted when the guy in the bars phone went off! I turned and we both grinned at each other, maybe it was not too late on a school night after all!