Written by lincoln

27 Mar 2013

Thought I’d write of another of my adventures since my last one ‘A Lincoln night out in the park’ seemed to go down well with the readers.

Again this story involves me and my gay couple friends and happened only a week or so after the events in the park. We’d been messaging each other one night which lead to a little cam fun and in the idle chit chat it turned out we all had to go into Lincoln town centre for separate reasons the next day. We agreed to text each other and if near go for a drink, maybe have a cheeky fondle we joked, although I did quite fancy the idea.

Next day I got the train into Lincoln (15 minute journey) and texted them on the way, turned out they in town already, “almost finished and heading home soon, love to meet up though” came back the reply followed by a quick call telling me they were off to dump their bags in the car then we’d go for a drink if that’s ok. Finding out they were heading for a multi storey five minutes from the train station I said I’d head for it and phone them when close.

One phone call later, pleasantries over and the three of us are 4 stories up walking towards their car. Turned out they had a little plan for me. Knowing I liked playing the victim and without warning as we walked towards the car in I began noticing they were looking around a little too much, turned out they were looking for cctv cameras and once beside the car, after loading the boot the younger one opened a rear door, “get in the back” I’m told. After a smile and the realisation that I’m about to have some fun I get in followed by my slightly older mostly top friend, my younger bottom jumps in the front. The two of us in the back are quickly kissing and seconds later belts and fly’s are being undone “suck it” I’m told as his hands come around my head and force me down onto his trimmed cock. “Looks good” I hear from the front seat “bagsie next”. Hands are now squeezing my balls and I can just see my front seat friend wanking between looking out for parking attendants and telling his boyfriend to fuck his arse. “I think I will” he says, its only an average sized car but I’m game. “Fuck me now” I say, I sit up, lower my jeans to my ankles “this’ll be fun trying” I laugh whilst lifting my legs and half twisting towards my friend.

He spits on his hand and rubs it over his cock as I do the same to my arse before feeling his cock pressing against me, “fuck thats tight” he say as his arm comes around my neck and he slowly finds his way into me, “that hurts go easy” I’m forced to admit and he does. Each thrust gets a little deeper and the pains being replaced by pleasure as his fucking gets more aggressive and he twists my head so as we can kiss. “Cum in me” I ask as I feel his breathing get deeper and soon his thrusts get deeper and more forced before I hear him grunt, call me a sexy fucker and unload in me.

I feel used and satisfied at both the same time and I love it as his cock slackens and falls out of me.

“My turn to cum, do you want it?” I hear from the front seat. “Yes” I reply as he gets to his knees between the seats and I place my mouth over his shaven cock, seconds later he wanks his load into my mouth as his boyfriend wanks me off. I came over his hand very quickly as I was so worked up.

Now I do feel used. We all pretty much sit back in unison breathing heavily. I’m shocked at how steamed up the windows are as wet wipes are handed around and clothing adjusted.

“Fuck me that was good, you’ve earned a drink” I laugh. A couple of minutes later we go for one.

Hope you like xx