Written by Joshofbedford

3 Jan 2012

I wrote before Xmas telling you about the first time I was fucked and how enjoyable it was. It had taken a long time to have my first cock but now I wanted more and soon.

I arranged to meet Dennis again and ensured my diary was free all afternoon. I had been in London a couple of days before and had manged to purchase an anal bung so the morning of my proposed visit I slipped into the work loo and slid the bung into my bum hole wanting it to be well stretched ahead of the visit. I kept it in as I travelled to his place and stopped in a nearby layby and slipped it out.

I arrived and Dennis greeted me again and we headed straight for the stairs through the lounge. His lodger, Clive, was sat there and I exchanged some pleasantries and headed on with Dennis tapping my bottom as we went upstairs. I walked into the bedroom and noticed he had a porn film already showing on his tv. He pulled me towards him, kissed me passionately and started to undress me. He was much firmer than last time and I enjoyed being slightly submissive. He asked me how much I had enjoyed our last time and started calling me a slut which turned me on as he pushed me onto the bed.

He immediately sat on my chest and slid hs gorgoeus cock into my mouth, thrusting deep and making me gag with enjoyment. He kept asking me did I like a cock fucking my mouth as I nodded in agreement but hoping he was going to fuck my arse again. There were loud groans from the TV and he stopped to look telling me I was going to get it like that very soon. He turned me over and started to spank my bum cheeks as he was watching the TV and I started to groan with enjoyment as one of his fingers slid up my hole. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and slide a second and third finger deep inside me making me tell him how much I was enjoying it. I was face down on the bed opening my legs wide as he stepped inside my legs and pushed my knees wider with his own legs. I looked up and there in the doorway was Clive, watching it all. I had no idea how long he had been there but the bulge in his trousers was there to be admired.

Dennis pushed his fingers in deeply and said this slut likes cock in his mouth - why don't you oblige. Clive smiled and pulled down his trousers exposing tight white y fronts my favourite. Dennis lifted me off the bed and grabbed a chair from the side of the bedroom and pushed me back over it, spanking me harder and grabbing my quite short hair as CLive positioned the bulge in his pants in front of me. He pulled them down and out shot a cock even thicker than Dennis had already thrust down my mouth. Clive pinned my arms against the chair with his legs and as Dennis pulled my head further back he thrust it inside my mouth. I tasted pre-cum almost immediately as he took contorl of my head and pressed it hard to his body as I felt his balls hitting my chin. Dennis removed his fingers and I knew I was about to get his cock as I felt a trickle of lube sliding down between my cheeks. I was ready for the size of him this time and he entered me hard and deep, pushing my onto Clive's cock.

Spit roasted and loving it. They continued to fuck my holes hard and with rythym - they had done this before and Dennis continued to tell me what a slut I was and how I deserved everything I was getting and that I was going to be getting it often. I felt Clive starting to build and he pumped harder holding my head tightly to him as he exploded letting out a loud groan as his cream hit the back of my throat. Dennis told me to swallow it all and Clive held my head there so I had no choice. He pulled out and pushed my shoulders down on the chair as Dennis's pace started to quicken. He had been fucking me for a good 15 minutes as he thrust one last time and I felt he cum deep inside my hole. He kept his cock there until it became limp and slid out and I remained there over the chair, slightly sore, fully satisfied and waitng to find out what was next.

Clive left saying nothing and Dennis started to dress. My cock was rock hard but Dennis said I was not going to get relieved today and that I would have to wait until my next visit. I also dressed and there was very little small talk before he led me back downstairs and to the door. Clive was nowhere to be seen and I left satisfied but with a cock still hard. I went as far as the same layby and sat in my car pulling myself off, replaying the experience I had just had.

A strong, all male guy who had just be used and abused by two guys. I knew I would be back just as soon as Dennis called me for more . . . if I had only known what was to come next.