20 Sep 2016

Went out Monday evening to the club I belong to. Left home early so as to be able to go to the car park/woods I always go to.

Got there 6-45. Man there that I'd had sex with a few times and we had a chat. Another man turned up that he knew. This man asked if I wanted to go in the woods him. We went to a very popular spot. Used condoms, tissues etc. We both pulled our trousers down and started to fondle each other. He wasn't wearing much. He went down on me and sucked. Then I went down on him. We're both married but love sex with men. We were doing some serious fondling. Balls, arses, nipples. While I was sucking him the man that I knew came along. He only had a pair of lacy female knickers on under his coat. Normal for him! Things really got going. Wanking, sucking 2 at once. All fondling each other. I then said to the one I knew I wanted his cock up me. He didn't need to be asked twice! I put some saliva in my hole and on his cock. I bent right over and he pushed his cock in. Long time since I've been fucked but it felt good. His cock isn't too big. No spunk from any of us and I had to go but it was great fun

I went back about 9-50. Few cars there. 2 in the car next to me had been wanking each other. I got out and made it obvious why I was there! One got out and asked what I liked and I said oral and did he want me to suck his cock. I opened my door and sat with my legs out and he pulled his trousers down and I started to suck him. He was already quite stiff and got stiffer very quickly. He was making all the right noises for being sucked. The other one got out and came over. 5 minutes later I felt all the tell tale signs of a man about to shoot his spunk. Quite a decent load for a man probably in his late 50s. all the others including me in our 60s. He said how good it was and went. I then sucked the other cock with my mouth full of spunk. Sloppy seconds! Lovely! He didn't come. I then went home to my wife. She was in bed but no sex. No surprise there then. Will be there again in 2 weeks hopefully.