Written by smoothwelshboy2

14 Feb 2014

The other weekend I took a trip to London.

I checked into my hotel room and shaved myself. Normally my balls and ass are smotth but today I went all the way and shaved my legs, arms and chest. Stepping into the shower I washed myself and was starting to get excited at how smooth I was was.

Getting dressed I caught a tube to a sauna in Soho, paid my money and went down to the changing room. I'd already decided that I was going to walk around completley naked, so I left my towel in the locker. As I walked arund the various rooms I noticed that all of the other men still had their towels on - but that wasn't going to bother me.

I got into the hot tub and watched and wanked while another couple kissed easch other, before one of them turned around so he could take his lovers cock up his arse. I sat and watched this for about 5 minutes before I walked out.

After a while I walked into a dark room and started to watch one of the movies. I noticed a fit guy in his 40's walk in and stand near to me. We we both wanking but he was hiding his cock under a towel. I walked over to him, and in one move pulled his towel downa nd bent over to suck his cock. He too was shaved and I loved playing with this balls while taking his full length into my mouth. My fingers moved off his balls and around to his arse, he lifted one of his legs making it easier for me to probe his anus. Gradually I splipped a finger in and then two. I worked up to a faster speed and I felt him thrust his cock into my mouth deeper and faster. Then I felt his arse tighted around my finger and he shot his load deep down my neck. I sucked him try, got up and gave him a long lingering french kiss, pushing some of his cum back into his mouth.

Still not satisfied I walked to the bondage area and relaxed back into one of the slings, putting my legs high in the air. It didn't take long for someone to walk in and start playing with my cock, before he took it in his mouth , licking my balls before moving onto my arse hole. I asked him to leave the door open ans I wanted others to watch me being fucked. He spread some lube on his cock and pressed some up mu arse hole. Then he started to push his cock in. It wasn't that big but it was long, just what I needed to start off with. As he picked up the spead of this thrusts another man came into the cubicle - I pulled his towel off to reveal an thicker cock and her was wearing a steel cock ring. The cock inside me went faster and faster at started to get bigger - then he stopped, and I felt a gusp of spunk up up arsehole.

He pulled his cock out and before I could thank him the 2nd guy was at my arse pushing. There wasn't much resistance and I could feel the added width stretching me and the cold of his cockring. Unfortunately he came really quickly.

I got out of the sling and walked around looking for something else, as I walked around I could feel the spunk leaking out of my arsehole and running down my leg. This made my cock go really hard.

In the sauna were two younger studs. I looked at them for a while before walking out of the door, but not before I looked back and bekonned them to leave with me. They followed me to one of the rooms, came in, lcked the door and took their towels off. Both guys were shaved one had a thick cockting onand the other was wearing ball weights. I bent over and took one of the cocks deep into my mouth. The other guy needed no propting and went to my arse to give me a rimming, he must of tasted the spunk as he started to force his toungue deeper and deeper. Then he got up and pushed his cock in. It felt strange as the ball weights banged on my balls. After 10 minutes of me being fucked at both ends, one of the guys said "now" and with that they both came at the same time. I was in heaven.

After that I left and walked back to the hotel, slowley.

Whe I got back I ran the shower to clean myself but before that I treated myself to a few fingers up my arsehole - swapping the fingers between my mouth and arse to make sure a remembered and tasted all the spunk up there.

London Saunas - can't beat them!!!