Written by Darren

13 Dec 2011

I worked in a place in Wales this summer,i was working in a hotel.I copped there was an old toilet off one of the backstreets,i thought it might be still open but it had ben shut for a year or two but when I was walking by it one day i noticed a couple of blokes hanging around,one of them said hello and asked me if i was looking for somebody.Im 20 and i was looking for gay sex,he was about 50.anyway i said no and he just said see you.Anyway i went back later in the evening.it was it was still fairly light and I couldnt see anyone about but there was a bit of a alley behind the toilets,I had a feeling that there could be something going on back there so I went around there.

The bloke who id seen earlier was standing there,hello again he said,still looking for somebody,then he said its not that safe here what do you like doing,anything i said,then he said come with me,I know a place and i followed him along the alley to what looked like an old garage or something,it was a bit scarey but i went in there with him,I knew we were going to have sex.

He said when you said anything did you mean anything and i said I dont do bondage or very rough sex but sucking or wanking or fucking was ok but we had to use rubbers,he said thats what he did too and while he was telling me he was taking his clothes off and I said is it ok like and he said it was completely safe,he had taken all of his off,he had a hardon it was big but it wasnt a huge one,I knew i could take it.I took all my things off and hes saying things like how nice i look and things and we started wanking each other,he said i had a nice cock and i said i liked his.

Then he started feeling me all over,walking around me touching me everywhere,he wass getting me completely turned on,he asked me to suck his cock,which i did and then he sucked mine.He started putting his cock between the cheeks of my arse and i said i wanted to do some more things before we did fucking and he put it between my legs from behind and I could feel the head of its hit against my balls as he fucked like that,he had his arm around me giving me a wank.

I didnt hear them come in but suddenly there were 2 more blokes in the place with us and they started saying hello and things to the bloke that was with me,then one of them said your not fucking him already are you,he started laughing and took his cock from between my legs and said no its just a dummy run.One of them picked up my clothes and went back out the door when I said they were mine he said if your a good boy you can have them back later,i knew i was in trouble and im saying please and things and they said they would give them back to me.I knew right away they were going to fuck me,I dont know where he hid my clothes but he was right back and like his mate they both got undressed and then all three of them were having me.

Id done group sex before so I kinda knew the kind of thing to do,I was willing to wank them in turn and suck them in turn and let them suck and wank me.One of them started to spit on his cock and one of the others said are you wanting to fuck him already and he goes yes,his mate pulled my head down onto his cock,i knew I had to suck it,I knew there wasnt going to be rubbers used.Im having spit rubbed into my arsehole and then I feel his cock being pushed in,I can take cock so i relaxed and let him push it right in and he started to hard fuck me,he lasted about 3 or 4 minutes and hes spunking.

Once he pulls his cock out the second one pushes his straight in,slipping in easily on the others ones spunk.He didnt last a whole lot longer again 3or 4 minutes hard fucking and spunking,the bloke Id come in with was next and he wanked me as he fucked me,the other two just hung around watching him fucking me,he lasted a lot longer and wanked me off just as he himself spunked.

They were good to their word and gave me my clothes back,they need,nt have taken them in the first place,i wanted fucking anyway.Darren.