Written by Harry_22

14 Jan 2013

I am sure I have written about Jeff on here before; he is local to me and we have known each other for a few years now, albeit only in a ‘meeting’s capacity. There are several things that I like about him, he is a big guy, tall and broad, he is in his 60s and owns a van! He also has the largest cock I have ever played with, about 8 to 9 inches and very thick. His wife is away staying with her sister which was always going to lead to him and me meeting up, we had swapped texts and the like all over the weekend and we had agreed to meet up on his way back form the airport this morning. This was going to be a nice dirty meeting in his van in the woods (dark pre-dawn meeting are very horny!), but the sudden drop in temperatures and an early conference call for me meant that we rearranged for him to visit my place instead. Jeff has literally just left, this is what happened.

I heard the gate click shut in the back garden and a few seconds later there was a knock on the back door. I met Jeff in my dressing gown, pulled tight and up around my neck, but I knew that he would already be clocking my sheen of my nylon covered feet and my cock started to swell already.

“Morning,” he said in an excited tone that I knew all too well. I replied with some small talk as he took of his coat. He stood taller then me wearing jeans and a jumper and already my eyes were studying the bulge at his crotch. With no real plan beyond this point, the small talk stopped with out any warning and he moved towards me. Despite his size, Jeff has a gentle air about him so it did not make me jump or anything, but my heart rate quickened as he reached and pulled my gown undone. I opened it and shrugged it off my shoulders revealing myself to him. His grin made me smile too. I was wearing some new stockings, 100 dernier that came so high up my leg that I had to shorten the snaps on my suspender belt. The lacy tops began about 2 inches under my knickers (tight back trunk style) and made my long legs look great though I say so myself! He put his hand straight to the tops and ran his fingers upwards, stroking over my now hard cock trapped as it was in the panties, and then onto the black basque. There was no talk now, just heavy breathing as his hands ran over me, grabbing me here or there and then groping at my hard on which had by now pushed its way free of the stretchy material.

Jeff dropped to his knees and sucked my helmet straight into his mouth, I gasped and nearly lost my balance where I stood. His mouth closed around my nob and his tongue flicked around me as his hand reached round and clamped on my bum.

“Slow down,” I told him through some ragged breaths and managed to move into the living room. He followed me and I heard him pulling at his clothes as he did. I had laid out a duvet on my coffee table, a large square unit that sat in the middle of the room. I sat on it and turned back to face him, grinning from ear to ear. True to his word, Jeff was now wearing a leopard print silky top that ended short of his matching knickers, a small triangle of material that really had no hope of holding in his big cock and balls! I was immediately hungry for his dick in my mouth as he moved towards me, but Jeff had other ideas. He pushed me back to lay flat and then lowered between my legs to suck me some more. I was no less horny than before and his mouth worked my cock expertly, making me think I was about to come! Jeff seemed to sense this and pulled back once more, standing now and I was gasped as I saw that his latest go on my cock and brought him to full hardness.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned at him and put my hand out to cup his cock as he moved around the ‘head’ end of the coffee table. I shifted so that my head was right at the end. I wrapped my fist around his shaft, not managing to get my thumb and fingers to touch at all. My cock twitched and my heart jumped a bit so excited was I to get my hand on such a prime specimen! I pointed it at my mouth to encourage Jeff to get lower. He did do this, but not before pulling away from me, he turned and crouched over my face, I know had a view of his heavy balls, his proud cock point away from me looking no less magnificient! I raised each of my hands to his thighs as he began to crouch down, enthusiastically groaning as his balls got closer to my mouth. Finally I lapped out my tongue and licked at his cool sack. I gently cucked a ball in at a time urged on by his moans. He would shift back slightly every now and then and let his fat hard cock land on my face and nose. I could not get my arms around his legs enough to get a hold of it and I knew that he was enjoying contolling the situation like this. I could not see anything at this point except the colour of his skin as his trimmed pubes tickled over my face. I wanted to try and get the upper hand again and so I pulled on his thighs a bit, moving him above my head. As his body lowered in response I lanced my tongue out and managed to flick it out over his perineum. He stayed in place and I continued to flick it around, I looked up to see a flurry of movement and was pleased to work out he was wanking, his deep moans continued to turn me on as well as I he slipped forwards enough to let my tongue make contact with his arse hole. He locked in place now as I rimmed him, flicking my tongue around his entrance as well as pushing it as well. It resisted, but I could tell by his response that it was what he wanted. I made my tongue as wet as I could as I continued.

Without any warning, Jeff hopped of me and walked back round to the other end of the table. We were both breathing hard as he detoured to his jeans. He knelt and sucked my hard cock once more before bringing his hands back into view. I thought I had heard the crinkling of a wrapper and I grinned as he produced a condom and rolled down over me. He put his feet on the table and the sudden creak it made reminded me of where we were; there was no way my table would take both out weight. Without breaking the momentum, he stood back and pulled me up by the hand. I landed on the sofa and Jeff immediately moved to sit on my lap. I held my weight on my hands as he positioned himself above my cock, his cock was rock hard and so hot as it pressed on my stomach and chest, I arched my back, but the tip was still annoyingly out of reach of my mouth!

Suddenly Jeff dropped himself fairly quickly onto my cock. Considering the resistance that my tongue was enjoying not so long ago, I was surprised by the ease with which he sank right the way down on me. He gasped and bit his lip rocking on me briefly before he started to pull his body up and down on me. It felt great, but condoms have always been a showstopper for me coming so I was happy for him to do what he needed on me. I was more interested in the prize in front of me though, his fat prick was rubbing against my chest and I let myself fall back so that there was space for me to take it in hand. As soon as I got my hand on his cock, I was tugging the full length (again teasingly close to my mouth!!) and Jeff timed his rise and falls to my pulling on him. His groans soon became grunts and a sense of urgency took him over as his cock began to go even more rigid in my grip. His volume increased in line with the pace of his bouncing until his head flew back and he shouted the arrival of his climax! His arsehole twitched around my shaft and he pushed down fully on me as his first shot of spunk launched itself from his cock. I had images of him giving me a facial with his cock being so near that target, but sadly it fell short and splatted instead on my neck, hot and thick. I pumped his meaty shaft and watched thick threads of his come run from his tip rather than shooting out, it collected round his helmet as I wanked him and his groans slowed. He stood up to get off me and I yanked him enough to pull his sticky nob to my mouth. It made a mess around my mouth as he squeezed between my lips, but it tasted great.

Jeff dropped back to the floor and pulled off the condom before laying back on the coffee table. I stood above him and then knelt down to clean up his cock. He stayed fairly hard. I licked all over his cock and balls, fantasising wildly about riding his cock like he had just done mine, a fantasy yet to be lived out as I am not sure if he would get in me!

“Come up here,” he told me and I looked to see his mouth agape inviting me to it. I dipped my cock straight in, but knew instantly that my arse wanted some attention. I turned around, copying his move earlier and let him rim me. I daren’t wank though as I knew it would finish me. His hands came to my thighs like mine had earlier and he pulled me onto his tongue and a wanton feeling came over me.

“More,” I announced, “Give me more!” I stood up and turned to face down his body. His hand snaked straight up between my legs and pushed straight on my hole. There was more resistance than I liked, but I found myself pushing down all the same. I looked between my legs, Jeff was concentrating his gaze on my arsehole while he sucked on two fingers. He slurped at them and then pulled them out, a bead of saliva trailing behind. I lost view of the glistening digits and braced myself. One finger pulled out of me and then as quickly, ny hole was invaded by the two new slippery visitors. I cried out partly in excited shock but mostly in ecstasy. His two fingers pushed deep into me and he probed around while my cock twitched itself to orgasm. I shifted my position quickly and aimed down. His mouth opened catching the first run of my jizz, but then my legs gave way and in an effort to save myself (and the coffee table!) I fell back onto the sofa. I grabbed hold of my dick and pumped the last shots of come from me, spraying it up my basque top, delighted as I felt a hit of the warm spunk on my cheek. By the time we had caught our breath it was time for my conference call. I sat there in my undies, covered in spunk while I talked shop. Jeff showered during this time and then saw himself out while I was still on the phone. He text me a thank you message and let me know that he is free most of the week! On my call, a training course I was meant to be heading off to shortly has been cancelled so I am considering staying in this outfit now and seeing what else I can make of this morning!