Written by cyprusbi

24 Feb 2013

This happened a few weeks ago at the layby just off the A666 between Bolton and Darwin and is absolutely very true. I am a 43yr old divorced Bi guy...more into older guys than gals. I live overseas but was back in the Northwest of England for a few weeks by myself just after Christmas so I thought I would visit some old cruising/dogging spots from my youth.

I went to Sale water park first but fuck all was going on there, everyone just sat in their cars and no action so I thought I would shoot off to the other side of Bolton and try the layby off the A666 hopefully I would find a bit of fun there.

I pulled off the A666 and drove down the road looking for somewhere to park, I could see a big truck parked in a layby about half way down the road so decided to pull in facing the truck, now as some of you will know not everyone that is parked up in the layby is looking for fun and these layby's are use by many straight truckers having a break. I thought to myself fuck it I don't care if the trucker guy I am now parked in front of and looking up at is not up for some fun I am going to have a wank anyway. In full view of him I pulled down my jeans and started to stroke my fat cock all the time looking up at him in his cab, after a few mins he took a newspaper and started reading it giving me the hint that he was not up for anything fun. It didn't bother me, i just got a kick out of knowing he was straight and he at least watched me for a few mins as I played with my dick and cupped my balls before he picked up his paper. After a few mins of reading he glanced from behind the newspaper and had a good look at me still wanking, this went on for about 10 minutes, him taking a quick peek from behind the paper and me wanking like a mad man until he decided to get out of his truck. I thought he was coming to tell me I was a dirty cunt and to fuck off away from him so I quickly pulled up my jeans and covered my knob with my shirt but he just walked past my car and carried on walking to a rubbish bin to throw away the remains of his lunch. He was my type of guy, I like older daddy type guys from age 50 to 100 LOL and if they have facial hair like this handsome daddy had then all the better, I guess this guy was aged mid 50s. I could see him through my rear view mirror walking back to his truck so I pulled my jeans down and started stroking again knowing full well that he would see me as he walked past. As he walked past my car he slowed down but didn't stop, he opened the door to his truck but then slammed it shut again and walked down the side of his truck, he rubbed his crotch a couple of times then pulled down his zip took out his cock and started to piss up the wheels of his truck, I went fucking crazy at the sight of this gray haired daddy taking a piss and waving a nice size dick about, I was wanking like a mad mad and enjoying the little show he was giving me....sadly it only lasted a minute or so but now I wanted more, he got back into his cab and I smiled at him and give him a thumbs up, he laughed at me so I got bold and got out of my car to take a piss and wave my cock in front of him, after I finished my piss I went straight to his truck opened the drivers door and asked outright if I could suck him off. I think he was taken aback at my boldness, he was lost for words and then he said he had never tried anything with another guy and was very nervous, he said he had never seen another guy wanking and didn't know what to make of me just pulling up in front of him, taking my jeans down and then starting to wank. He said I could get in the passenger side and play with my dick but he only wanted to watch. KERCHING !! I scored a straight daddy and Hot masculine trucker at that. As I walked to the passenger side I just knew that I wasn't going leave his truck without having a taste of his daddy cock, it had been about 18 months since I last played with a guy (not much opportunity in Cyprus) and I was gagging for a cock to suck. I climbed in the passenger side and didn't waste anytime pulling down my jeans and black Calvin Klein briefs, I made myself comfortable with one leg on the dash and my back against the passenger door and proceeded to put on a show for this gray haired trucker, we made small talk, I introduced myself, told him I was divorced and Bi, he told me his name was Jeff, he was 60, married with 3 kids that had all left home, as we talked I pulled my foreskin back and let the pre cum leak from for cock head and scooped up the sticky clear juice with my finger and put it in my mouth telling Jeff it tasted good, he called me a fucking horny bastard and thought I was sick tasting my own cum but we laughed about it and told he should try it, I was trying to get him to take down his green work pants but he wasn't having any of it and said he wanted to watch only. I was really enjoying watching me wank as I played with my arsehole he getting horny himself because it wasn't long before a nice bulge stretched his pants, he was tracing the outline of his cock with his fingers and moaning softly saying if I was a woman he would soon have his cock in my mouth, I told him to close his eyes, pretend I was the hottest bird he knew and let me suck his dick for him. He said to me he didn't know if he could let another guy suck him off, I told him a pair of lips is a pair of lips and that and I had often been told when I was younger that I sucked cock really well. After about 10 mins of persuading I managed to at least get him to take his pants down and get out his cock. What a lovely cock he had, it wasn't really long maybe between 5-6 inch but it was very thick and veiny. We watched each other wanking for a few mins and then he took his finger and wiped his pre cum off the tip of his cock and tasted it, we both laughed when he said it tasted good, I then leaned over to take his cock in my mouth but he gently pushed me away, I said to him just let me suck on it for a minute if you don't like it I will stop. we were both staring at each other, he let out a sigh and nodded approvingly, go on then you horny bastard he said. I lowed my head down onto his cock taking in the smells of his hairy crotch I tasted his pre cum, my tongue was lapping at the cock slit gently trying to coax out as much of his salty sweet sticky cum as possible, I even shocked myself at how horny I was for some straight trucker cock, with my finger up my arse my head bobbed up and down on his fat shaft as he moaned and mmmmmed and ahhhhhed telling my it felt fucking good the more my lips reached the bottom of his cock the more his pre cum leaked out, I was in fucking heaven and loving it. I moved on to his balls, fuck me!!! what he lacked in cock length he sure made up for in the size of his balls, I couldn't get his balls in the palm of my hand, his balls were freaks of nature MASSIVE is the only word I can use, I tried to get one of his balls in my mouth but it was impossible, I licked his sack and smelled the sweaty manliness of scrotum, I ducked my head even further under his balls, this sent him crazy making his legs tense up, he was wanking his cock harder and harder as I probed around looking for his shit hole to lick, fuck me I was horny. I licked around the inside of his thigh and asked him to open his legs a little wider so I could get my tongue closer to his hole. I managed to find his hole with my tongue but he kept on clenching his thighs as if to tell me his hole was off limits. I looked up at him and told him it will be the best sensation ever if he let me rim his arse. He was a bit unsure at first, he told me his arse was clean, he had showered that morning and hadn't had a shit since which made me want to stick my tongue up his nice clean hole even more. I told him it would be better if he leaned against the door and open his legs for me, I assured him that being rimmed would be the best sensation he had ever felt, he said fuck it ok then. I managed to kneel in the foot well on my side and reach across to get my tongue up his shitter, he was wanking his cock as i flicked my tongue over his hole alternating with long licks of his ass crack.I tried pushing my tongue inside of him, his hole was tight as fuck making it impossible to get inside him, I lapped his arse hole like a dog laps water for a good 10 minutes, in that time he had to hold off from cumming about 3-4 times.I went back to work on his fat cock as he said he really needed to cum. I took the full length in my mouth while massaging his huge nuts, I took time to swirl the tip off my tongue around his helmet taking time to have a dip into his japs eye for a taste of pre cum I could hear him panting harder, telling me to suck faster, my head bobbing up and down his shaft my lips wrapped around it making a vacuum for him to explode into,faster and faster as my lips reached the base of his fat old trucker cock and my nose sniffing in the manliness of sweaty pubic area he thrust his fat cock to the back of my throat and released the thickest load of cum into my mouth,I could feel his cock twitch at each gushing of spunk as it spewed out from his cock slit, I was choking on his cum but wouldn't take my mouth from his dick until I had drained his those duck egg sized balls, he was begging me to stop but I bobbed up and down for a good minute or so before taking his softening dick from my mouth and spilling the spunk he had gifted to my mouth onto his hairy tummy, I don't swallow cum usually but his load was so big I couldn't keep all of it in my mouth, not sure how much I swallowed but about 10 mins later I did a huge cum burp :- ) We fastened up our clothes in silence, I think he was feeling guilty so I asked him he was OK , he said he was, he kept on repeating that he wasn't gay and that was his first experience with another bloke, he only did it because his wife who is 4yrs older than him no longer wants sex due to illness and that he trusted me because I used to married. I told him if had enjoyed it then there were plenty of guys that would suck him off in these layby's. I couldn't believe when he said he didn't know that most of other guys in the cars and vans parked in the layby's were looking for the same thing, he wondered why the same cars would pass his truck a few times. I told him that I was in the UK for a couple more weeks,I would be visiting the layby often and hoped to meet him again, he smiled and said I could lick his arse anytime and it will be something he would never forget, we both laughed and then the next thing I know he leaned over and kissed me full on the lips, his fuzzy salt n pepper tache tickled my nose. I said not many straight guys are into kissing he shrugged his shoulders, laughed and said just something else I wanted to try.

I left his truck feeling great. So what if it wasn't an 8 incher, it was a very nicely shaped thick fucker and those nuts were the size of lemons that spewed out the biggest load of dad cum I have ever tasted/seen, it left my mouth all nice an tingly. I would like to point out that the sex between was interrupted quite a few times by other truckers passing by, myself I would of just carried on blowing Jeff and rimming his arse giving the other truckers a show, but Jeff was nervous and kept pulling up his pants.

I had 5 other loads that day, all married guys. I was going to write about it here but I will write about those encounters again if you would like to read them. One includes a 84yr grand pa taking my cum in his mouth and over his tache, I took a trickle of old man spunk. One a 55 yr old mechanic telling his wife he will be home for his tea in 30mins all the time I was sucking his cock. I got a mouth full of bear cum from a bearded chubby guy in his 50s, I had a Muslim guy with a graying goatie. A married guy in his 60s that told he gave his wife a good fucking that morning and asked me if could I taste her pussy on his cock. Any mature guys get to Paphos, Cyprus and wants some fun get in touch.