Written by flyboymale

10 Nov 2007

So.. Since my encounter with Phill, my friendship with Lisa has gone better. It seems like we are sharing the same lover, husband, sex master who pull our strings everytime he wants sex.

It happend again this weekend. As usual the three of us were supposed to meet at our local for drinks but only Lisa turned up. I was happy with that as we could then have a good old chat about Phill. But that was not to happen, Phill has sent her out to get me and Lisa was going out with a bunch of work friends for the night. Hearing this I got hard at once, thinking, what could be instored for me.

Anyway I left Lisa that min and went over to Phill and Lisa\'s house, which was not far. On my way there i could not help thinking of the last time he fucked me. When i reached their house, their front door was not locked, I pushed open and shout for Phill, He shouted back asking me to come in and make myself at home.

I went on into the living room and saw a couple of cans of beers opened, it must be Lias having a drink with Phill before she left. Then i heard another shout from Phill. \"Why dont you taker your clothes off and I\'ll be down to fuck my little bitch!\" he said.

He did not have to ask twice, i quickly took my clothes off exposing my hard dick and sat on the couch waiting. Then through the door walked Phill and behind him another guy!, I was so embrassed i tried to reach for my clothes but between my hard on and embarressment , i was very turned on. They both just stood there and Phill introduced, \"this is Mark, a good pal of mine and i told him all about you my little bitch and he wants to watch me do you and maybe he will try you too!\", all i could say was \"cool\" nervously and totally excited.

They walked towards me and Phill asked me on my knees and to undo his pants. Which i did quickly, they both were laughing and Mark was holding a piece of rope. I took Phills lovely cock in my mouth and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow when i felt my hands being tied to my back and then my legs were tied.

Phill then took his cock out of my mouth and lay me down on the tea table on my back, i caould see everthing that was going on. I remembered telling Lisa that one of my fantasys was to be ganged bang and i think it was going to happen.

Then Mark shouted \"yo! Jason, come down!\"

A Third! I thought, This guy came in the room , looking just as hot as phill and Mark and very manly too. The three fo them stood round me touching me and fingering my arse. Then Phill said \" you guys are going to like this bitch! he is tight as fuck and screams like a girl, and you can fuck him as hard as you wish. Do whatever to him coz i say you can , he is mine!\"

I got even more excited by then, My hard on was in full golry and precum was oozzing out. Phill then took my tied legs and lifted it up, and lowered his ares to my face, He said\" lick my are , and stick your tounge in. I stuck my toung all the way , as far as i could, smelling his man sent was so horny, then i heard Mark and Jason removing their clothes, and Mark said to phill \" How shall we do this, who wants to go first!\", Phill replied, \" lets have a contest, who can fuck him the longest without cumming. lets do a round robin thingy!\" \" Mark you go , then Ja you go and then me, and we keep going in turns!\"

I waited with excitment whicle the boys worked out their rules, then all of the sudden I felt another pair of hand on my legs, then Phill stood away, It was Mark, he trusted his hard cock in my arse and it was heven!, HE tursted in so hard it made me scream, \"see what i told you!\" Phill said. Mark kept on for about 30 seconds (which seems like forever) and then pulled himself out. as he did he spat on me and say\"hey lets spit on him when we are done each time, i\'m sure the little bitch likes it!\" and i did.

Then Jason stood over me , I had a hugh cock and it was hard, he lifted my legs up and put his fingers up my arse, and then without warning he trusted his cock in, the other two was laughing as i screamed. Then he pulled away and phill started to fuck me.

Phill then said to me whilst fucking me \"Do you like this bitch. and you better be a good fuck for my friends. Coz if you are not, I am not going to fuck you ever again! You better show my friends what a good bith i have and give them a good time.\"

With that the three of them went on for hours, taking turns fucking me, lubbing me then fucking me again. Eventually Phill and Jason stood over me whilst Mark weas still in me and Jason said, Lets spunk on his face Phill and Mark you can shoot right up his little hole.\"

And they did, The spunk came down on me like heavy rain, I opened my mouth trying to get most of it in my mouth, I too wanted to cum, but i knew that was not going to be an option. From the last time , i knew Phill liked to keep me wanting and horny and always was ready for more after a few more drinks. And they did.

They left me on the table, sat around me, opened a few more beers and talked about their fun as if i was not there and they contuined to talk and planned what the next thing they should do with me. It was the best fantasy come thru for me. Lisa is def. my best friend!