Written by readingguy

21 Jan 2008

Having enjoyed reading other peoples postings for some time, it’s my turn. This is an entirely true (yeah they all say that) account of my bi deflowering hopefully you will find it interesting.

I am a married man who, over the course of time had become increasingly intrigued by the thought of a physical relationship with another man. The first stirrings as long ago as twelve years but it took up until three years ago before fantasy became reality.

I had made a few half hearted efforts through newspaper contact ads and even met a couple of guy’s but nothing had progressed beyond a friendly drink. Things changed three years ago, for no obvious reason but clearly the sap was rising and I wanted to try the forbidden fruit. If it wasn’t for me, fine, but I needed to try.

At the age of forty five I was looking for someone older, no Adonis, but as I put in my newspaper advertisement someone with experience who could take me in hand. There were a few replies but having spoken to James he seemed to be the pick of the bunch. Fifty seven years old, a retired civil servant living alone, by his admission slightly overweight but well spoken with a friendly telephone manner. We agreed to meet for a lunch time drink at a quiet pub in easy reach of both of us. James advised me that he would be wearing a green cardigan and carrying a carrier bag.

The drive to the pub was in itself a thrill to savour, the thought that this could be the start of an illicit adventure had me shaking with excitement. As I pulled into the car park I nearly ran James over, unmistakeable in his cardi. He was walking back from the garden where he had been sat with his drink and was wondering if we had missed one another. I introduced myself and suggested he return to the garden where I would join him once I had bought a drink.

Minutes later we were sat chatting over a pint in the pub garden, which was empty apart from ourselves. James was exactly as he had described himself, portly, thinning, bespectacled and five foot eightish, exactly what I was looking for. Having exchanged histories and backgrounds with no hint of innuendo I asked “Well, having met me would you like to bed me?” Just hearing myself say the words made me feel dirty which doubled the excitement. He answered “Yes I would”. With that we moved to a more secluded part of the garden as James wanted to show me the contents of his carrier bag and didn’t want anyone arriving to catch us unawares. The bag contained gay porn mags. We sat and thumbed through the pages of young men with rock hard erections.

Time was getting on and I told James that I had to get back but as an experiment into exploring my interest in a Bi relationship it had been a success. James asked if there was anything else that would help convince me. I answered that some physical contact would define it for me, I thought I wanted a mans hands on me but would it be a turn off if it happened. He pointed out that his car was at the back of the near empty car park beyond mine and that we could sit in there for a couple of minutes to which I agreed.

I took the glasses back to the almost empty bar and then walked back to his car where he was already sat in the drivers seat. All the time I was thinking “This is it, he’s going to feel me up”. I got into the passenger seat and pushed my right knee against the gear stick allowing my legs to fall wide apart invitingly, what a slut! James turned to face my way and placed his hand on the inside of my thigh. He talked about not expecting things to go this far while he stroked up and down my inside leg until his hand rested over my balls which he gently squeezed through my trousers. Inevitably he moved further up and closed his hand over my stiff cock. He squeezed it and rubbed it but I knew I wanted more. I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled down the zip. “Flesh to flesh”. I told him.

He expertly slid his hand inside my pants from the side and made his way down avoiding contact with my cock to cradle my balls commenting on their warmth. After massaging them for few moments he slid his fingers up and stroked my cock before lifting it away from my tummy and wrapping his hand around it. He complemented me on the size of my cock as he slowly wanked me. Was I revolted by a man playing with my rock hard cock? Absolutely not! I was in heaven. Looking down I watched mesmerised as his hand rode up and down my shaft rolling my foreskin back and forth over my purple knob. He asked me if I wanted to cum. I said “Yes”. He changed hands and worked my foreskin up and down using the finger tips of his left hand. Just as I was ready to explode a group of guy’s came out of the pub to find their cars. This unnerved James although they couldn’t see anything, so I was zipped up and we were away in our separate cars with a promise to meet again soon. I returned to work and finished the job James had started. Did we meet again? Of course we did, if there is any interest in what happened I will delighted to post it.