Written by oddjob

22 Apr 2010

Im a 55 yo bi married guy. I live next door to Rob and Laura, a 30 something married couple.

Last summer Rob asked me if I could do some landscaping work in his garden, being out of work I jumped at the chance especially when he said he'd pay me.

I started on his garden, it was warm so I had my shirt off and was wearing an old pair of jeans. I'm a fit slim guy and still think I'm faily good looking (LOL).

Rob came down the garden with a cold drink. He chatted to me about motorbikes as I worked. My jeans had slipped down my ass a bit showing my my bum crack (I wasn't wearing pants). I'm sure he moved around a bit so he could have a good look, I carefully looked at his crotch I'm sure he was getting hard but I couldn't be sure. I thought I'd test him out, so I pulled up the back of my jeans and said sorry, he said what for, I just smiled. Laura called him and he went indoors.

After a couple of hours I saw him coming down the garden with a couple of cold beers. I pulled the back of my jeans down showing even more bum crack than before and pretended to carry on working with my bum to him. He must have been looking at my ass for a good 10 to 15 seconds before saying here's a beer. I took it off him, I didn't pull my jeans up. I could see his cock pressing the thin material of his cutoffs, he looked large. I looked at him and he smiled and said did I want a break and that he wanted to show me his bike in the garage.

I walked down the path I could feel his eyes looking at my bum. My cock was getting hard in my jeans. We went into the garage, it was cooler in here, his bike a Triumph gleamed.

I bent down deliberatly in front of him to look at something, my jeans revealed my crack to him, when I turned around he was stroking his cock through his cutoffs. I stared at his hand stroking himself and started stroking my own cock. That was the sign for him to unzip and pull his cock out. His cock was uncut, a good 8 inches long, quite thick with big heavy balls underneath. I sank to my knees and he came over and pushed his cock into my mouth, I could taste his precum. I sucked and licked his balls for a good 10 minutes. He pulled me up and undone my jeans, they dropped to the floor, my cut cock was oozing precum, Rob turned me around and bent me over his motorbike.

I felt his lips kiss my ass cheeks as he spread my ass. His hot eager tongue licked my ass ring, my precum was dripping on the floor. His tongue probed my hole, it felt so good. He stood behind me rubbing his big hard cock around my hole, I felt him press his knob into me, it hurt so he stopped for me to relax. The pain gone he pushed his cock into me slowly and deep. I could feel his pubic hair against me and when he stated to fuck me his balls banging against mine, I knew he was all the way in.

He fucked me slowly at first, nice long deep strokes, my cock felt like it was going to burst it was so hard. He started to speed up, then fucking me hard and deep, ramming it into me, I reached between my legs and gently squeezed his balls on each stroke. It was heaven. He was deep inside slamming his cock hard and fast, I knew he wasn'nt going to last long, he'd been fucking me hard for a good 10 minutes, on the out strokes I used my ass muscles to grip his hard cock then relaxed as he slammed into me. I felt his balls start to tense, he was cumming, I gripped his balls to make sure he didn't pull out. I felt 3 or 4 heavy loads as he spurted his cum deep in me.

He kept his cock in me until his hardness was gone, then he quickly dressed and left me there, the garage door closing behind him. My ass ring felt well used, aching even, his cum leaking out of me. I cleaned myself up. Got dressed and went back outside.

There was no sign of Rob so I carried on working on the plant border. My ass felt so sexy and hot, My cock still hard in my jeans.

He came back later on in the day, told me Laura had gone to her mums. He said do you fancy getting fucked again...........how could I refuse.

I get fucked most weeks now, usually on a Friday afternoon, after Rob has sucked me off