Written by Mr123_1

16 Jan 2012

My first and only time with a man,

Around 3 years ago, when I was 25 I went out to a club with a few of my mates. We decided to go to a gay bar as the music and atmosphere is better than most straight bars.

One thing led to another and pretty soon we were all really hammered.

I was feeling horny and have always been curious about having sex with a guy.

So when I was at the bar, this guy started talking to me, he seemed straight and old but later he told me he was gay. He was asking me lots of questions about stuff and one question in particular that got me really horny was when he asked me if I had ever fucked by another guy and would I be up for it?

As he asked me this, he had slipped his hand down my trousers and was feeling my bum, gently stoking my cheeks up and down.

I was getting hard at the thought of being fucked by another guy and probably because I was quite high I surprised myself by saying o.k.

I made up some excuse to my friends that I was tired and going home and met him outside. We jumped in a taxi and went back to his flat.

When we arrived, he poured me a drink and then we started talking. As we were talking he was rubbing my upper body and then asked me if I’d like a massage.

I agreed and he told me to get naked and lie on the bed, whilst he put some relaxing music on.

I stripped and lay face down on the bed, my hairless bum on full display for him. He came over and started massaging oil into my back and neck. I couldn’t see him at this point but when he sat on top of me all I could feel were his balls resting on me.

Then I could feel him sliding his cock between my bum cheeks. He’d given up massaging me at this point and all he was doing was rubbing his cock up and down my crack.

Then he said it. “Are you ready”

I remember whispering “yes do it but be gentle”

Then it happened, I could feel his cock pressing against my tight anus and then he pushed. It stung like crazy and I arched up, whimpering but he didn’t stop. He pushed his cock all the way in until I could feel his pubes against my bum.

He was in so much pleasure, holding me there, with his cock all the way inside me. I was just a whimpering wreck beneath this naked guy. I’d given him my ass and there wasn’t much I could do about it now.

Then he slowly withdrew from my ass and slid it all the way back in.

My cock was hard at this point and completely untouched. It was rubbing against this bedsheet as he began pushing his cock in and pulling it out. Long and deep thrusts into my virgin hole.

After a while his pace quickened and then I felt it; he tensed up, pushed in deep and all I could feel was waves of hot fluid entering my bowels.

He was fucking me without a condom but I didn’t care. I was high and being used for this mans pleasure. After he came he lay on my back, slowly grinding his now softening cock in my hole.

When his cock flopped out, I felt some cum run out of me. He then got up and pulled my cheeks apart and told me that my anus looked red and used.

I didn’t mind. I fell asleep and woke up in the morning to find him inserting his cok into my anus again. This time he fucked me harder and longer – around 1 hour of him taking pleasure from my arse.

He told me he’d fucked me whilst I’d been asleep. Completely passed out.

So when he came inside me for the third time (I still hadn’t cum) i decided it was time to leave and I threw on my clothes and left.

As I was waiting for the train, I could feel loads of cum running out of my bumhole and down my legs. It felt open and sore and I thought about how erotic the whole thing had been.

I keep thinking about that session and whether i will do anything else.