Written by Mike

17 Oct 2017

Back in 2002 my job had me working in different parts of the country, and I was staying in a hotel near Reading for the first time. I had eaten my evening meal and was sat in the bar of the hotel with a drink, when a guy asked if I minded if he joined me. He was about 60 years old, and I thought he was there on business and wanted to chat so invited him to sit down.

We chatted for quite a while on a variety of topics, which eventually ended up in us discussing what I did when staying away, and he asked if I ever had any sexual encounters. I confessed that I hadn’t and the life in a hotel was pretty boring when away with work. He then told me a tale of when he was away and he ended up having sex with another guy. I was a bit shocked, as other than a bit of wanking with other lads in my early teens, I had never experienced any Bi encounters. When I said I had never done anything like that, he asked if I had ever thought about it, and I confessed I had thought about it, and thought about wearing lingerie as well, but had never had the bottle to try anything. He then took my hand and placed it on his leg, saying “Can you feel that” and I said it felt like a suspender strap, which he said it was as he liked to wear them under his trousers. I was getting a little turned on, but uncomfortable as well, which I think he sensed, so he said I should perhaps try wearing them some time in private. He then excused himself saying he needed to go to the toilet.

After a couple of minutes he had not come back, and I wondered why he was taking so long so popped to the Gents also. It was empty other than one of the cubicle doors being shut, so I asked if he was ok. At that the cubicle door opened and he was stood there, trousers around his ankles, black stockings and suspenders on wanking a hard cock. He asked if I liked what I saw, he had a good thick cock about 6-7 inches, and I just nodded not sure what to say. At that he pulled me towards him and pushed my head down towards his cock and told me to suck him. For some reason I just let him push my head down and I opened my mouth and put his cock in my mouth, and proceeded to suck him. This I did for maybe 30 seconds, when he then said let’s go somewhere more private and comfortable where we can enjoy ourselves. I agreed.

It turned out he was not staying at the hotel, but lived nearby and had popped in to try and pick a guy up! We went back to his place where he put some porn on the TV, and it was the first time I had ever seen gay porn, and then stripped down to his stockings and suspenders, and then took me by the hand, pulled me close to him and started kissing me. I responded and we were soon having a really good snog, and he was taking my clothes of as we were doing so. Once he had me naked, he then proceeded to play with my now hard cock, and dropped to his knees and sucked me for a while. I found this extremely horny and I said I was in danger of cumming after a couple of minutes so he stopped. He then said he wanted me to wear lingerie as well, and he produced another suspender belt, some black stockings and a pair of lacey panties, which he then helped me to dress in. This felt really sexy and we then laid on the sofa kissing, cuddling, playing with each other and rubbing our stockinged legs all over each others cocks and bodies. He then turned round and started expertly sucking my cock again, and I also felt him fingering my arse. This was such a turn on and his cock was right in front of my face so I took it in my mouth again and sucked him for all I was worth. Never having done it before, I just did what I thought was right and what I liked when being sucked, and he did say I seemed to be good at it. I was extremely turned on and pretty soon I felt myself cumming but he just kept my cock in his mouth and when I exploded in his mouth he swallowed it all.

Once he had cleaned my cock with his tongue he then sat on the sofa and had me kneeling in front of him and directed me in how to suck his cock, and then when he said he was cumming he held my head there so I had to take it in my mouth. I did gaga as had never experienced anything like it before, and he was a heavy cummer, but managed to swallow most of his load, with some of it running down my chin.

We then sat and chatted for a while and had a coffee, all the time still wearing the stockings, until I said I had best be getting back to my hotel as I had a long day tomorrow. He said I should keep the stockings and walk back to the hotel wearing them under my trousers, so I could appreciate how sexy it felt. I thanked him and did just that, and when I walked through reception and the bar to my room I felt very turned on at the thought of me wearing them and wondering if anyone could tell. I now regularly wear stockings suspenders and panties under my trousers when the opportunity arises, usually when I am working away, and this has led to a few more gay experiences, and I am now a committed bisexual, loving pussy and cock equally