16 Feb 2019

I had just started a new career as a carer ,my boss had told me that some of the people that we look after can sometimes take advantage of you , and some can be rude some can be very nice, anyway there was this old chap Ron of 78 who needs help in and out of the bath so when I go to his place he lets me in and he goes to his bederoom and get ready for his bath , I have to help him into the bath and the he washes himself while I make him a cup of tea , he gives me a shout and I go into the bathroom and help him out, once he is he is dressed he comes into the front room for his tea. Now this is how it has happened for the last two weeks, but on this particular day I helped Ron into the bath and he said could I wash his back for him which I said I would so I started to wash him and he asked outright have you ever touched a mans cock , I told him I hadn’t only my own he went on to tell me he had been bisexual most of his adult life, and if I wanted to I could wash his cock and balls for him but I declined, anyway as he stood up I noticed he had a hardon , now I have never ever had any thoughts about men before but seeing his hard cock made me hard, I helped him out of the bath and gave him his tea and I left. That night while I was in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock being hard, it wasn’t that big only about 4” but it looked nice I ended up have a wank thinking about him, two days later I visited Ron again the same routine helped him into the bath and went and made his cup of tea I put the tea in the front room and went to see if he was ready to get out, as I walked in the bathroom he was washing his semi hard cock and said do you want to wash it for me, and to my surprise I just put out my hand and took the soap and began to wash his cock, it felt so good , I was getting hard , he asked if I liked touching his cock I said it’s nice it went from washing to wanking him, he didn’t cum this time, he stepped out of the bath and thanked me, on the next visit the same thing happened but he asked me to remove my trousers so he could see my cock , I stood there with my cock out for him to see he put his hand out to touch me and started to wank me off I started to hold his cock and slowly wanked him , he asked if we could go to his bedroom which we did and before I knew it his was sucking my cock it was the best blow job I had ever had I told him I was going to cum but he just carried on until I shot my load in his mouth, know it was my turn to suck my first ever cock , I put it to my lips and licked the tip and then let it slide into my mouth , I was giving this 78 yr old a blow job and I loved it again he did not cum but he really enjoyed it, this was a regular thing for six months until he went into a home, now I am bi and I have meet 2 other guys from this site and looking for more.