Written by Davesuckswell

4 May 2007

I have always thought I was straight and never thought of straying. On a business trip I was staying in a hotel. One evening sitting by myself enjoying a pint and reading the football results, when another guy came up and started chatting.

We got on really well, had a couple of pints together and we had a lot in common. The bar closed and he invited me back to his room for a nightcap. He was 37, athletic with designer stubble and good looking for a guy. As I lent over to pick my drink up, he rubbed my arm and complimented my biceps. It felt odd but rather horny. Next he was rubbing my chest and then I noticed the bulge in his jeans, quite a big one too! Before thinking, I had my hand on it, and was rubbing and squeezing it. God it felt great, and next I was unzipping it, pulling a good 8 inches out, and dropped to my knees and began sucking him off. The taste of his precum was fantastic, and urged me to take him in deeper. Pulling his hairy balls with my hand turned him on big time. All to soon he was shooting his load down my throat - wow what a feeling. Great he said. The he got me to stand up and he took my now throbbing cock out and gave me a great slow blow job. He was a real expert, better than any girl.

Next I was pumping his face really hard and blew my jiz over his tongue. We laid together for a while before stripping off and sucking each off again. He really was a heavy cummer. We fell asleep together, I wanked him off once in the night too, and in the morning showering together felt great. We said our goodbyes and I have thought about it ever since. Thinking I will have to try this out with a guy again.