Written by proper-job

31 Dec 2009

i have for long time enjoyed wearing womens underwear the feel of the lacey knickers

on my cock and stockings on my legs.

i had decided to go out for the evening wearing a white lacey g string and black hold ups

and go and find a nice quite place to have a good wank.

i arrived at a place i new to be very quite at a dead end road with a car park and woods

i had took of my trousers and was just enjoying a good wank when a car came slowly into view i stopped and watched as this car pulled up beside me and a guy got out and walked of, i thought nothing more and got on with enjoying myself.

what i had not noticed was he had walked round into the woods and come up behind the car

and had been watching me, suddenly he said can i help you with that, nearly jumped out of my skin but what the hell yes please i said he got in and started to rub my hard cock

he then lent over and started sucking wow this is great best blow job i ever have had i said to him i am going to cum he kept on sucking and i exploseded in his mouth.

well i could not let him go till i had returned the favor i pushed his seat right back

started to feel his cock throu his trousers and he was starting to get hard i unzipped and this lovely large cock sprang out quite thick nice big pulsating red end with pre cum ouzing out my tongue teased the end then i ran my tongue up and and down and then

his cock in my month and gave him a very slow blow job, my hands whre buzy feeling his lovely balls and his bum he started groning and came in my mouth mmmh.

i got out of the car sanding there in front of him with just knickers and fishnets he

got and nelt down started stroking my legs and sucking my balls and cock which was hard in seconds he then got on all 4's and said slide your cock between my cheeks he lubed up

and my hard cock slid over his hole, stick your cock in and fuck me he said well never

look a gift horse in the mouth in i slid nice and tight and start to fuck him he was moaning and i was cumming with that i shot my 2nd load with that he put his clothes back on got in his car and drove off.

i sat in my car had to have a wank just thinking about what had just happened could not believe my luck.

i still love wearing but not had another meet mores the pity