31 Dec 2017

Hi. I am writing this story as a follow up to a previous post “My First Bi with my mate” I posted this on Dec 28th, but I have to admit this happened in September.

My mate Steve met at least once a week for our shaving sessions, we started to discuss our wives, and what we both got up to with them in the bedroom. We are all around the 40 mark, and knew each other well, holidaying etc. Steve came around one evening with their personal collection of photos, showing his wife Jane in various stages of undress, and posing for the camera. Wow! I hadn’t thought of Jane in this light before, I told Steve she is gorgeous, not a twig insect, but a little meat on her to get hold of, lovely upturned breasts with chunky nipples. I told Steve I had some photos of my Wife Jacky, he said get them out for me. I got them from our bedroom, and handed them to Steve, his eyes lit up, Jacky is a little thinner, with smaller pert boobs. Steve was asking had I ever thought about swapping? I told Steve, I’d love to with you, but Jacky is a little shy with very little experience, I doubt whether she’ll agree! Steve told me they had a bit of an open relationship, and he’ll get Jane to encourage Jacky to give it a go, well I told Steve to do this.

Time passed, Jane and Jacky had a few nights out clubbing it. Jacky came home from one of these nights out after 3.00 am and I was asleep. Jacky woke me, and discussed their night out, she told me Jane had been on at her to try another man that I had been dancing with, but I declined. Jacky did say she was very tempted as this lad was dishy, and Jane said I’d enjoy the feeling with another man in me, stating she had slept with a few guys, but Jacky bottled it. Whilst making love though Jacky was different, more keen and more proactive. I told Jacky to go for it, I allow you to enjoy yourself. But Jacky said, she’d like to try it with another man, but not a stranger !!!! I suggested Steve, as we were all very close, and he’d love to have you, Jacky went quiet and said wouldn’t you mind? I told her about Steve and I with our shaving sessions. Jacky knew, Jane had already told her. Jacky was by now very excited and very wet, I shot a big load quickly.

Anyway we all went out for the night, a meal first then onto a club, we all got on great, then back to ours, I was sitting next to Jane, and Steve next to Jacky, the air was electrifying. I suggested to Steve to take Jacky upstairs and have our bed, they both got up and headed for the stairs hand in hand. Jane and I thought we’d give them time to get to know one an other, we kissed an cuddled for about 20 mins or so, then I told Jane we can have the spare room. Passing our room Steve and Jacky were banging away, the noises of passion . Both Jacky and Steve groaning and there were slapping sounds. Jane and I stripped each other off and both enjoyed each other, Jane came with me a couple of times before I emptied myself inter her. A few hours elapsed and Jane said she was going to the lav, a few mins later Jacky appeared in the bedroom, all flush and smiling, she climbed into bed next to me, and we exchanged comments. Both of us enjoyed the change, I put my hand between Jacky legs, and she was gaping and very wet from Steve’s spunk, I was erect again very quickly, and quickly added my load to Steve’s . This is a regular thing now, we never get bored!!! I hope you enjoyed this story, we did.!!!