Written by howie67

7 Aug 2010

I'd gone into Cardiff to drop the car off at the garage for MOT and SVC. It would take all day so got the bus into the Centre to pass the time. I was walking around the ST Davids 2 centre and also the shopping arcades. At the end of one of the covered arcades is a small shop that sells 'smoking gear' and lots of other new age style stuff. But in the window there are is a display cabinet with some cockrings in.

I'd seen them before in the window and seen photos of men with them on. On this website and especially on another gay only site I'm on.

So I thought I'd take the plunge. I went in and did a once around the shop. It's very crowded in there with lots of display cabinets and one of the guys in the shop remarked that he thought people were dropping off cardboard boxes in his shop (he was cutting up a mountain of them). Just passing the time of day.

I went down to where the cockrings were and started peering in the cabinet. He came up and asked if he could help. I just said I was looking at cockrings and he opened the cabinet and took some out. Metal, rubber, leather studs, pull tights etc

There were a few young girls in there buying bangles so he picked a few up, asked his co-worker to serve the girls, and said 'come with me' I followed him out the back to his piercing room, laid them out and shut the door. He said that he used one of the leather studded ones that you can adjust and straight away asked 'Are you gay?' 'No I'm Bisexual, 40/60 to men but getting more 30/70'

'Why are you leaning more to men?'

'Because I like cock' I replied. He'd been so straight I thought there was no point in talking bollocks.

At this point he said 'Let me show you how they go on,and opened his jeans and pushed his boxers down around his thighs. Well there it was. A very nice cock and balls bunched up with a leather ring. Oh nice. You could see he was starting to get hard as well as the blood pumped into his cock. I had that pit of the stomach feeling that you get so just reached out and took hold of his penis with my right hand which made him stiffen up. It just seemed the right thing to go down on my knees and take him in my mouth. Nothing said on either side. I just pulled his foreskin back and started to lick and kiss his bellend whilst holding his balls with my left hand. He was breathing deeply as I continued to suck on his hard cock, I don't use my teeth, so it was a nice gentle BJ. I had put my hands onto his bum cheeks and was fondling his arse hole.It wasn't long before he started to tense up and spunked into my mouth. I swallowed the lot whilst still holding his arse cheeks. Stood up pulling his boxers up as I went, lipped locked him, picked up a leather studded cockring and said I'd like this one.

I didn't ask or want reciprocation, not sure what he would of thought of my purple lace panties. I put it on last night whilst surfing the net and it felt great. I'm gonna have to go and get some more - metal and rubber I think!!!