Written by Kenny.

6 Jul 2011

Theres a story on here about some toilets in Warrington and the gay sex that used to take place there,I'm sure they are the same toilets I had my first gay sex.I was 19 and looked a few years younger,I'm only 5'2" anyway so you can imagine what guys were thinking.

I don't think I was completely sure I was gay but I was'nt having much success with the girls and the other thing was I seen enough of other guys cocks in changing rooms and had listened to enough jibes about the size,or rather lack of size,of mine.

It was in them toilets that things started for me,it was a whole new world.I went in completely innocent,the walls in the cubicle were covered in graphitti,drawings and writings,I'm standing there with my pants and undies around my ankles giving myself a wank when this sound cams from the dividing wall,I had'nt noticed it at first,it was my first gloryhole experience.

There a piece of folded paper coming through the hole,I think I must have been so close to cumming that I did'nt just get out of there.I took the paper from the hole and read what was written on it,I can still see them words "that is a lovely cock,what do you like to do" it was the first time somebody had complimented rather taken the piss out of my manhood.

I looked through the hole and could see an eye looking at me,suddenly I can feel this thrill go through my whole body,it litterally scrambled my brain,somebody was watching my having a wank,somebody had just told me I had a nice cock.It is funny but even though that was my very first time I knew what I wanted,I wanted to be seen wanking.

I stood back a bit judging where he could see me best and wanked for him,another note came through,it just read "lovely,lovely,lovely, I did'nt want this to end.I had no idea what he might be like but when another note came through saying he had somewhere local to go which would be safer,would I come with him,for some crazy reason I wrote yes on the note and pushed it back through the hole.

He wrote me the make of his car parked nearby and said he'd wait in it,I seemed to be in some kind of trance,I pulled my things up and left the toilet,I saw the car and even without thinking headed for it,the passenger door opened and I just got in.

That was the first time I saw him,he was probably in his 50s,well dressed smart looking guy.He smiled at me and said "that was nice", how old are you ?,19 I said,he smiled again,you're a good looking boy he said and that is very,very good looking he said pointing between my legs,he was already driving.

He pulled into a back street stopped and said,we'll go in this way,it was the back entrance to a little hairdressing shop,I'm closed today he said.I can still see it,there was a little kitchen and then a little room off,there was a mattress on the floor with some blankets on.

Would you like a drink he was asking,I said lemonade,I know he topped it up with vodka because I drank it quickly and felt my head begin to spin.He was just smiling at me as he started to undress himself all I could do was watch him,it was the first time I saw a man wearing a bra and when he undid his pants and pushed then down there were the tiny knickers hiding none his massive hardon.

Your turn he said,want me to ?,I made no attempt to stop him as he started to undress me,I knew I had the hardest hardon I'd ever had in my life,I let him strip me naked and for the first time in my life I did'nt have a hang up about the size of my cock.

He moved around me feeling every part of my naked body,telling me how soft my skin was,how beautifully shaped my balls were and best of all my cock,I could'nt get enough of his touching,his fingers were soft and warm.

I can still recall vividly the moment he took my hand and placed my fingers around his cock,I have small hands so my fingers just about encircled it,I can still hear the deep sound coming from him as I instinctively started to wank him,and through it all I could hear him saying how beautiful my body was.

He could hold my complete works in his hand,my erect cock and my balls fitted neatly into inside his hand.He lay me on the bed and his tongue found my every erotic zone.Though it had never happened before when he took my cock in his mouth and sucked it I think I knew what my cock was for.

He wanted me dressed in girls undies and I was more than willing,I could'nt believe how good I felt in them,when I first saw him dressed like that I did'nt know why but once that soft sensous material was on my own skin I knew exactly why.

I learned so much from him that day,even though I was'nt yet ready to suck another mans cock off,and he understood that,I was more than willing to wank him off,he wanted to suck mine off and I was happy with that,but more than any of that I learned that there were men who could more than appreciate my small but as a few said "perfectly formed body".There are others who like me to dress in girls undies when we're having sex and that is something I love do do anyway.