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My first experience

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I was out one afternoon helping my mum with her weekly shop ( not something many 18 yo lads do ) . when i really needed a piss so as we passed the public loo i put down the bags and dived in , to find an old guy at the stalls , i walked up pulled my cock out and started to piss , then out of the corner of my eye i noticed the old guy had turned my way and was staring at my cock , now i dont know why but my cock started to harden so i quickly put it away and went to wash my hands , the old man followed me to the sinks and said that lovely cock needs some attention son , i could feel myself going red and just yes , with that he handed me a scrap of paper and said come round anytime and walked out , i put it in my pocket and continued home with my mum .

That evening when i was alone in my room i pulled the paper from my pocket and on it was an address on it a road i knew of about 15 mins walk from mine and that night i laid on my bed playing with myself thinking about the old man and what could happen , strange as i had never wanked about a man and although still a virgin all my self pleasure moments were over woman . a few days past and i just could not stop my thoughts about this old guy so one morning i thought fuck it and started my walk to the address as i approached the house i could see it was a nice looking i took a deep breath and rung the bell , after what seemed like hours the door opened and there he was he smiled and said i had a feeling i would see you again , i was invited in and guided into a very large living room and i took a seat on the sofa he sat opposite me on a large arm chair , i was so nervous my hands were shaking and my mouth was dry and i couldnt make eye contact with him but we started talking , he was John he was 77 and had been gay all his life and his life partner had passed away about 10 years ago he asked if i would like him to give me some pleasure and i just nodded with that he came and sat next to me and put his hand on my leg he said just tell me to stop if you feel you dont want to ok , again i just nodded he told me to sit back and relax so i did , his hand moved up my leg to my groin and he gently started to grope my hardening cock wow that feels very hard son would you like to lay down i said yes please ok lets go to my room , i followed him up stairs in his room he pulled off my tshirt and removed my jeans and told me to lay down , he got on the bed and started stroking my belly and worked his way back to my hard cock this time he went inside my boxers and grabbed my cock he was slowly squeezing it , it felt fantastic , he removed my pants and i was on full view to him he said wow son thats a beautiful cock you have , with that he started to gently tickle my balls i parted my legs for him and he just used his finger tips up and down my cock the feeling was making my head spin and i started to moan with pleasure , i think he could sense i was not going to last long so he took the top of my cock in his mouth swirling his tongue around my helmet but still tickling my balls, that was it i couldnt take anymore and i exploded in his mouth spirt after spirt but he continued to lick my helmet it got to tender and i shouted please John stop , i was panting for breath i had never cum so much and never felt like that , i visited john quite a few times after that day and it was always the same he gave me pleasure , more to come i hope you enjoyed

Written by Carl

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