Written by Randy Boy

17 Dec 2009

I always wanted to experience an older male around 70. Feel him , touch him and just the warmth.

A few weeks back as i lay in bed there was a knock on the door ,the land lady opened the door and i could just here a male voice talking to her. I looked through the window and i could see a grey haired male and i could see a builders van.

Any way i didnt think much off it and went back to my warm cosy bed. At lunch the land lady said that the builder would be in, on Friday to fix the door and repaint the room next to mine.

Friday came , i had quick shower and break fast. The builder had arrived, i opened door and he introduced himself as Dave. I said hi and let him in. He probably was just over 70 and seemed pleasant.

Dave got on with his work and as he had a break, i couldnt but notice the bulge in his trousers. Dave left for the day and said he will back on Saturday to complete the work.

I was alone , just watching telly, and then my wandering towards Dave's bulge. I stroked my self a couple of times and felt wet. I went to sleep and just kept thinking of Dave his huge arms, slight belly and he seemed so warm.I rubbed against the mattress alnight.Thinking of Dave. I had never touched another mans cock. I really wanted to hold one. The next morning i went for my shower and just maturbated and relieved my self. I used baby oil all over my body , especially around my arse and groin. I just felt horny and i thought i would try it with Dave. My heart was pumping.I had cut my underwear so they resembled a Gstring. Dave arrived and in my dressing gown open the for him. Again the bulge it me hard. He said goodmorning and said had a late night, you still in your dressing gown? I replied i had tiring evening, and he said i should get back to bed and he will leave when he finished the work. Any way i went back to bed and left the door slightly open. I lay on my stomach exposing my arse with the home made gstring. I just kept dreaming about Dave. I heard him start the work. Then it stopped for a while , and i could feel someone was looking at me . Every time i pretented to turn , i could here Dave get back to work or looking for some tool. But my instinct told me he was watching me. After a while there was knock on my door and my heart was racing what do i do. There was another knock and i turned to look at the door , it was Dave . He gave his warm smile and appologised for disturbing, he wanted to know where the land lady had left the paint. I came out of bed in my home made g strings , and Dave just looked at me. As i came out of the room my well oiled arse was expoed to him and i swayed my arse side side to arouse him as i wanted him. i showed him the paint and he looked at my underwear gave me a smile. I went back to bed , i couldn t here any work being done and i knew he was just outside my door , i gently rubbed myself against the mattress. I stood up and went to the door and the work had started. I peeked throughto the next room ,and could see Dave rubbing is bulge and he had an erection. I went back to bed and feeling horney as hell. Dave had now finished his work and knocked on my door , but i did not respond, another knock and then i felt his hand tapping me . He said sorry to wake you up i have finished and i said ok. You look really tired , he said and i said yeah my shoulders and neck were aching. He suggested i should have a hot shower , i said i would latter. He asked where it was hurting and i showed him my neck and shoulder area. My heart was pounding, i have never had man touch me and i was not gay. He said he could massage me , my cock was pounding like mad, and i said ok . He gently starting to massage shoulders his rough hands felt so good. They were so strong. He said he needed to sit on the bed to get a better postion. He sat over my asrse and i could feel his bilge robbong against me and i gently rubbed my self against him , he said i had soft skin.He gently started to massage my arse and i he was smelling my scent.I could feel his breath and his tongue flicker around my soft arse.He asked me turn over i was sacred, as i had a hard on , i sheepisly turned around and my cock had slid out of the side of my gstring and was wet. He looked at me raised his eye brow several times. I gentky licked at my lips. He looked at my cock, and took my gstrings off. He asked if i had done this with another man before i said no. He knew i was a virgin. He spread my legs and starting licking my cock. He started gently and then took massive strokes with his mouth, his saliva drbbling on my cock, he was so smooth. I couldnt wait anymore and i came in his mouth.He sucked me off proper. I wanted to sse his cock and i wanted to fill it. He styod up and took his shirt off , it was a nice slightlty hairy chest and then i started to rub his cock through his trousers. I undded his belt and un ziiped him. Pulled his trousers off and coulds see his massive bulge , only held back by his stripped under wear. I slipped my hand into his underwear and felt the size of his monster , it was thick and clearly wet. I squeezed it and released it from his underwear and stroked in. I licked his precum head, i could tell he had not had a shower this morning. His cock smelt so good. It was so thick , i gentley put my mouth around his cock and gently began to suck him, he started to breath heavely, he said i was lovely young man, and said go on suck me good.I loved it , i licked it tip to the base felt his balls and licked them too and then sucked him faster and then he held my head , i couldnt breat and the i felt tons of his sperm shoot into my mouth, it was salty nice. I wanted to rub his cock against my arse i turned around i grabbed his cock and started to rub his cock against my arse. I flaunted my arse at him , he beagn to inhale my scent and parted my bum cheeks and licked and licked my arse, rubbing my cock.I was ready for being deflowered by an old man. He gently started rubbinghis cock against my bum cheeks, he was breathing heavly , i could feel his beer belly . He pushed his cock gently into me gentley , there was bit off pain and i did not fight the penetartion. I could feel the whole of him in me , OOh i loved it . He started to pound me harder and faster. His cock ramming and slapping inot me. I said fuck me sir fuck me. He was tired but his cock wasnt , he moved his cock side to side ensuring he had fucked me proper.He parted my bum cheeks and removed cock out of me. Turned me over , he started to kiss me deeply, our tongues licking each other . His cock rubbing against mine , oh than he came all over my cock, iwa just so satisfied. We slept together for a while, i gently kissed his neck. He was snoring and i gentley touched his cock and held it and stroked it. His cock was erect and i loved his size. He was a bull. I went down and sucked him again, smelling his cock and licked it. He shot his load again and then left. I love 70 year old men.I was satisfied