21 Nov 2017

I’m 49 now and was remembering some of my first experiences with men. They started mild but first time was when I was 18 at local swimming pool and the incident happened in the changing room area. I was drying myself and a much older man was also in there.

He stripped naked and just walked around the area, I could feel myself blushing, feeling nervous but I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. He was quite hairy and had a very thick cock. He knew I was looking and walked in front of me and winked and then went over to the showers. He made a point of lathering himself and spending time massaging his cock and balls. I was too stunned to move and watched as he moved to a cubicle.

However he didn’t close door so I went over to discreetly walk past and then I saw that his cock had grown a bit more. He just said like what you see and I just nodded. He told me to come inside, I was so scared as he was much older and I was only curious, he pulled me inside and locked the door.

Before I could do anything his tongue was in my mouth and then nibbling my ear and he whispered you are going to please me but make no noise. He pushed my shoulders down until I was on my knees and he waggled his cock in front of my face. He told me that I was going to swallow his cum and I started to get up and said I had no experience with a man. This seemed to turn him on and he asked how old I was and then told me he was 42.

He grabbed my hand and made me hold his cock and told me to squeeze it hard. He started to kiss me again and his cock grew thicker. He told me to get on my knees and just stick my tongue out. He started to stroke his cock against my tongue, after a while I could just feel myself giving in to him and welcomed him into my mouth. I sucked him for a bit but we could here other people now in changing room . He got me to stand and we were just quiet for a bit. He did though work his hands to grope my ass and I could feel a finger probing my hole, it hurt but felt very horny,

I didn’t want anymore as I was really scared of how to get out of there so I said I need to go, however he again went right into my ear saying not till he has cum. I felt I had no choice so I returned to sucking his big dick. After a few minutes his breathing cacame erratic and without warning me he started shooting spurts of warm salty cum into my mouth. I tried pulling my head back but he grabbed it and forced his way in until I felt I was gagging

That experience was something I will never forget, it was so risky but also very horny