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My first Gay Interaction

"How i was sucked and fucked"

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Author's Notes

"True story"

Hello, I’m going to tell you a story about the night I sucked another man’s cock.

It happened quite a few years ago when we were on holiday with a few couples and after our wives had gone to bed I’ve been talking into the night with a guy I accused of being gay he was upset that I thought that ,as the night went on, he said come and get your shirt off let’s go for a swim Where we were staying, had an outdoor swimming pool so we headed down to it in just my underpants he had the same. We both swam to the other end of the pool

I then suggested on the way back. Let’s do it naked so we swam naked the length of the pool as I leaned on the edge of the pool I felt hands on my buttocks and I felt like his penis against my arse. I said are you going to fuck me? He said not yet but fingered me.

Then I said to him I’ve never done this before but can i suck your cock? . Of course he said and sat on the side of the pool I moved between his legs, took his cock circumcised into my mouth. He had no body hair on his ball. I sucked soon it was hard, so I wanked him, and he lay on his back on a towel on the grass, I sucked him, and then he said I need to do the same to you so he did very good suck me I didn’t come but very hard so I went back to his cock sucked really hard felt good I could feel his breathing changing. Next thing I took a mouthful of his sperm so warm, I swallowed it first time sucking and I swallowed it. We didn’t kiss then put on my clothes. Apart from my underpants, went to bed so erotic. The next day there were people around us, so we both volunteered to go to the shops to get some more wine as we drove in his car we pulled over side the road and undid his fly. I sucked him again and we did this four or five times over the next few days. He came twice more told me that when he come back to bed with his wife, he fucked her, but he was thinking of my arse

We met up in London about a month later and we went for a few drinks and then he booked a hotel room. I felt so naughty and we went in and we drank a bottle of wine. Before we both got naked. I sucked him again he pulled out before he could come And he sucked me and then asked me to turn on the side of the bed. I’ve bent over spread some lube on my arse God it felt strange then next thing I can feel his really hard cock in my arse first time it had anything like that started pushing slowly quick, and then quickened slapped my buttocks calling me a male whore and then came inside me. Oh my God there was so much sperm and pulled out running down my legs. I cleaned his cock in my mouth sucked every little drop of it. lWe stopped seeing other and I’ve never had another experience like it.

I feel I’ve ticked all the boxes in my sex life now as I’ve had threesomes and 4somes

End of story

Written by marcgrec

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