Written by Sean

20 Jul 2010

I have read that story by Maria several times on here now,I know Maria is a woman but like somebody said in the comments some men also just like to watch other men wanking themselves off,I'm one.For me it started in Dublin some years ago,I was queueing outside a cinema and this older man started talking to me,what I knew about sex could be written on the back of a stamp,I was a lad from the country.

He suggested we sit together,I did'nt have a clue.There was'nt a lot of people in the cinema and we ended up sitting right at the back where there was only us.It was'nt a sex film or anything but as it got going I could'nt help seeing that he had his jacket over his lap and I could see his hand moving under it,he would look at me every so often and smile,I think he thought I knew what he was doing,not a clue.

Anyway after a while he reached and took my hand,I wondered what he was doing.At first he just held it,in my innocence I he was just being friendly.He slowly moved my hand onto his thigh,I still did'nt stop him but the funny thing was I began to feel embarrassed because I felt myself getting an erection.

I let him move my hand further towards his groin,at first I was'nt sure what it was I was feeling,I was aware that it was hot and that it was flesh.Then he put my hand right on it and I quickly realised it was his cock and it was hard.The fact that I had'nt stopped him earlier made me feel I could'nt stop then and also for some funny reason I was'nt sure I wanted to.

Anyway he was by now moving my hand inside the flies of his pants on his balls,he kept looking at me,I suppose to see how far he could go,I pretended to be watching the film.He shifted on his seat and pushed his pants and undies down,his jacket still covering his lap,by now he was holding my fingers around his cock and using my hand to wank himself,he must have nearly brought himself off because he suddenly stopped and just sat there gripping my fingers around it tightly and I could feel it pulsing really fast.

This film is rubbish he said,will you come for a drive with me,the clever answer would have been no,but for some reason I said yes,was it my own erection.He pulled his pants and underpants up,come on he said,I can still see the look on the doormans face as we left,this young chap and a much older chap,he'd seen it before.

Did you like that he said as we went to where his car was,I can't remember what I said but I was going with him,he did'nt say anything else as we drove to Phoenix Park,a large park on the outskirts of Dublin.He parked up in a car park,there was no other cars there.

Anyway he immediately opened his pants and reached inside for his cock which was only half hard,he took it out and started to wank it,I did'nt have much choice but to look at it,on reflection in a funny way I was enjoying seeing him doing it.Take yours out he said,its alright he said,its safe here.His was standing straight up and it was the first time I'd seen precum,I was'nt sure what to do,he reached across and put his hand on the front of my pants,he looked at me and smiled,thats nice he said as he felt that mine was hard,take it out and let me see it,I won't touch it if you don't want me to,I just want to see it.

It was the way he said it,I undid my pants,take them off he he said,theres only you and me here,I'll take mine off as well,he pushed his and his underpants down and took them off.His cock was really big moving on its own with each pulse,please he said,take them off as I said I won't touch you unless you want me to,he had put his on the back seat.

I remember shaking as I pushed them down with my underpants,I was conscious that my cock looked small compared to his but it helped when he said,thats really nice,I put my pants and underpants on the back seat,he took his shirt off,I felt I had to,we were both naked.He opened his legs as wide as he could pushed his shirt up over his chest and wanked himself,let me see you doing yours he said,by now I wanted to.

We both just sat in the car watching each other wanking,he kept complimenting me on how nice mine was,he asked me how often I did it and did I like doing it,I did'nt teel him that I believed it was a sin to wank yourself off and that I just relied on having wet dreams,he said that he did it twice most days.

He took my free hand again and put my fingers around his cock,it seemed to get even bigger,you have lovely soft hands he said as he moved it up and down his cock,he moved it in between his legs and put his balls in it,yes he said they're so soft.

I pannicked a bit when another car pulled up,its OK he said,they'll be doing the same thing,they won't bother us they know we're doing it,that was the first time I realised that men had sex together fairly regularly.Would you let me touch it he said indicating to my cock,I did'nt reply and he took it as a yes,I know I stopped breathing when he touched the head then very slowly with just two fingers felt down along it,a finger gently touching my balls.

Two men got out of the other car,the evening was bright enough to see that both of them were naked from the waist down,I was too engrossed in what was happening to me to realise what was going on.They came and stood by our car and looked at what we were doing,they were both wanking themselves,then one of them started to come off,I could see his spunk land on the window and run down as he wanked himself harder and harder,within a second or two the other chap was doing the same.

As I write about it now,I can see it as clearly as if it was yesterday,probably from that moment on I was addicted to watching other men wanking.They did'nt take long my friend in the car said,a lot of guys just come here to watch and wank,what do you want to do,I don't want to come off this time I said but I'll watch you doing it.

Do you want to do it for me he said,no I said you do it,I did want to see him come off,can I hold yours while I'm doing it he said,yes I said.He started to wank himself,his hand moving faster and faster,I had to hold his hand on mine,it was moving too,sorry he said.I knew he was coming his hips lifted off the seat,he really came off with force,his spunk shooting up in the air and landing down on all over him.

As he finished he said,are you sure as he squeesed my cock,no not this time I said.He cleaned himself with some tissues and we both put our clothes back on.He dropped me back in town,I'll see you at the cinema again he said.When I got in my bed that night I wanked myself off,I realised it was'nt a sin and I was sure it was'nt a sin to watch other men wanking themselves off and if it is I'm straight to hell.