Written by Leeds Bi

6 Jan 2010

I am 40 something happily married bi man and this is what happened when I was 18 and still at an all boys school doing A levels I was a keen runner and loved nothing more than doing the Cross Country course.

I normally did this after school with a couple mates, however on this particular day they failed to show up so I did it alone, I was half way round and was caught up by the Games Master, Mr Simpson (he was about 45 and muscular), who asked if I was alone, when I said yes I was he decded to join me.

We completed the course in relative silence, once back in the changing room I was alone, so I stripped naked and went into the communal showers. I ran the shower until warm and then stood underneath letting the hot water drench my smooth body and head. Suddenly I was aware of someone also in the shower area. As I wiped my face, I opened my eyes to see a naked Mr Simpson also in the showers. I could see his toned arse and back, he turned as I was staring at his arse.

'Hope you dont mind, but the shower in the staff room is useless' He said

I shook my head.

I was soaping up and felt a sensation in my cock...I was getting a hard on. I tried to think of everything to stop me getting my usual 6 inches. Mr Simpson must have noticed this as he turned around. His body was amazing, toned chest with hairy pecs, a toned hard stomach with a trail of hair leading down to a large flacid uncut cock with heavy hanging balls. Strong muscular hairy legs.

He was watching me trying to soap up and also cover my hardening cock, he smirked at me as he touched his wn cock wuth his right hand pulling the foreskin back. Without saying a word he took one stride and I could feel him close. He placed his left hand on my shoulder blade and then felt his right hand on my now very hard cock, he started to wank me.

He turned me around and gently pushed me back against the cold white tiles. He was soon forcing his tongue into my mouth, which at first I resisted. His stubble was harsh against my soft skin. Very soon our tongues were probing each others mouths. His mouth was on my neck, then on my chest.

The water was still cascading down our bodies when I felt his mouth around my cock, he was getting it all in his mouth forcing my foreskin back. I had never had anyone suck me before and the feeling was amazing, his tongue caressing the helmet of my cock. I could feel myself thrusting into his willing mouth. He took my cock out of his mouth, forcibly turned me around pulled my arse cheeks apart and plunged his very hard hot tongue into my hole, at this my pulstaing cock shot sperm onto the tiles, but he continued probing my ass with his tongue.

I pulled away, guilty of what had just happened. I walked into the changing room followed by Mr Simpson. I sat down and tried to dry myself as quickly as I could not looking at him. He walked over to me still naked, and hard. I looked up at him not knowing what to do...do I touch him or leave quickly.

I raised my hand and touched his cock, the feeling of warmth and flesh. He placed his hands on my head and guided me towards his cock, I opened my mouth and put his cock in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could while bobbing my head up and down as he had to me.

I did this for a minute or so and then felt him go very hard and moaning loudly. I removed my mouth as he shot a load of cum followed by another and more. It was landing on my chest, the hot thick feeling.

I quickly dressed and left the changing room not saying anything to each other, walking almost running till I got home. i ran upstairs to my room and was naked with seconds wanking my hard cock about what had just happened.

This went on between us for quite a while, and when I was home from Uni I would call him and go spend the night at his, where alot more sex happened.

If you want to hear more of what happpened please let me know.