Written by roblovesit

2 Oct 2010

After dreaming for a long time of what it would be like to

have another guy�s cock in my mouth and even better a nice

hard cock slid into my ass, I started to look for someone

to try it with. After a couple of no-shows, I arranged to

meet another bi-curious guy at his apartment.

It was obvious when he let me in that he was as nervous as me,

for it was the first time for both of us. After talking for

a while I started to slide down the zip on his shorts and I

could see his hardening cock, which really turned me on.

I took his shorts off him and for the first time touched a

man�s cock. My cock was now really hard, pressing against

my shorts. He unzipped them and took them of me. He took off

the rest of his clothes as I quickly stripped off as well.

He had neat dark pubic hair and a long, uncircumcised cock.

He was really turned on by my circumcised, shaved cock and

balls. His hands were on it straight away and so we enjoyed

stroking and fondling each other for a while, getting used

to the new sensation for both of us of playing with another


We could not wait any longer and before we realised it we

were on the floor hungrily sucking each others cocks. I

was on top of him with my cock hanging down into his warm mouth.

His cock was pointing up into my mouth and I was enjoying

rubbing my hand up and down the shaft while sucking it ever

deeper in. He was wanking and sucking my cock so well that

I was starting to get close to cumming. I did not know if he

was ok with it in his mouth. I need not have worried as I felt

him stiffen and then a hot stream of his cum burst up into

my mouth. I had always wondered what it would be like. I quite

liked the taste and happily swallowed all he could give.

One favour deserves another so I now filled his mouth. It

was a little harder for him to swallow laid on his back and

quite a lot dribbled out.

We both lay on the floor to get our breath back and I wondered

if we would go any further. He had a nice ass and I rather fancied

trying my cock in it. I still hoped to have his really great

cock in my ass before I went home. Neither of us had ever had

sex with a man and we had not agreed how far we were going to

go. As we lay there I started to stroke his ass and ran my fingers

deeper and deeper into his crack. He was enjoying it so I

put some of the lub I had brought with me, on my fingers and

eased them into his ass. He was moaning with pleasure and

was obviously happy to go further so I got him onto his hands

and knees and got down behind him. I put more lub in his ass

and on my cock. Then after just a moment of hesitation I gently

pushed my cock into his slippery ass. It felt fantastic,

nice and tight as I worked my cock further and faster into

him. He was enjoying it and kept asking me to push harder

and faster. I reached under him and stroked his cock and


Then I exploded into his ass, putting all the cum I had left,

into a place I had not been before. Wow, my first man. After

a while I slowly slid out of him and we reversed positions.

He lubed my ass and his cock and after fingering my ass for

a minute or so, started to push his cock into me. I had worried

that it would hurt but with plenty of lub and a gentle guy,

it felt fantastic as his firm long cock slid deeper and deeper

into me. He increased the pace and I just asked for more and

more. This is what I had hoped it would be like. Then he filled

me with the rush of his cum and a warm glow filled my ass. I

have been fucked, I thought to myself, at last I have been


I love sex with a woman and now I know what they have been enjoying,

but to have a hard cock deep inside you and to have your cock

wanked at the same time gives an orgasm out of this world.

I had to change bi-curious to Bi-sexual. I now like it �both


That was my first �man on man� fuck not a fantasy but it has

not been my last