Written by Ts_lover46

17 Apr 2010

So today I had my first ever meet with someone from sh and in fact ever. I have always been curious about my sexuality. I concidered myself to be straight untill I flew off to Thailand and had some very interesting (and horny) encounters with some ts girls. I am married now but every now and then get this urge to have cock.

So today I was on the gay and bi chatrooms and got chatting with another fellow (I'll call him Bill). We agreed to meet up at a car park next to a wood. I drove to the car park and met up with Bill. I really didn't know what to expect. He asked me to follow him to a quieter place which I did.

A short drive later we arrived in a very secluded wooded area. He asked me to follow him in. My nerves were going a mile a minute but the excitement was unbelieveable. He led me through the woods untill we came upon a fallen tree with a pink towel spread across it.

"Here we are" Bill declaired. I honestly did not know where to start but Bill took the lead. He came towards me and gently took hold of my groin. He then slowly started to undo my jeans and pulled them down along with my boxers. Bill started to gently stroke my cock. This got me excited and before I knew what I was doing, my hand was eagerly undoing his jeans. He assissted me and took his cock out. This was the first real "man" cock I had ever seen. It was averedge length but it was very thick. I began to slowly wank his cock.

I found his cock to be warm. It was soft but firm and the feeling of it in my hand was very nice. As I slowly wanked him he put his hand to my head and lowered me down. Well this was the moment of no return. When my head was level with his cock I took it in my mouth and slowly started to suck. I moved my head up and down sucking the helmet whilst at the same time wanking the shaft. I tasted the salty taste of pre-cum that I have only read about. After a few minuted Bill stopped me stating that I was going to make him cum too soon.

I stood up. I was wearing a t-shirt, but my jeans and boxers were around my ankles. Bill lowered his head and started to suck me off. This made my cock go solid. I was enjoying this when Bill announced "We are being watched". I looked over and could see a guy with no top on having a good wank. "Do you want him to join us?" Bill asked me. I didn't know what to say and so I just went back to sucking him off.

Before I knew it The other guy had come over to us. His cock was presented next to my face. I looked over at it. His cock was a monster. It wasn't the length but the girth. I imagined it to be the sort of cock that would send a girl running for cover. At this point I was quite nervous and didn't know what was going to happen so I stood up.

The three of us wanked eachother off for a bit. There is something very sensual about three lads standing in a circle all with another guys cock in their hands. Me and bill went down on this guy together, sucking, licking and wanking him off. When he declaired he was going to cum I stood up and wanked him to completion. He shot out a very thick stream of cum that shot everywhere. Watching it was a real turn on. He then dressed up said thanks and left.

So that left Bill and I again. Bill decided he wanted to make me come. He went down on me sucking like a por. He also put his hand between my legs and started prodding at my bum hole. I must admit I found this really horney. Bill stood up and wanked me hard whilst at the same time fingering my bum. The biggest turn on for me was his finger on my bum hold. At that moment, although I have never tried it before, I wanted him to spin me around and slide his cock into my arse. His expert wanking and prodding sent me over the edge and I shot wave after wave of spunk across the forrest ground. Bill was happy and started to get dressed again.

So we parted ways and thus ended my first man on man action. I did enjoy it but I know I for sure now that I want to feel a cock slowly sliding into my arse.