Written by ALAN

27 Oct 2011

I suppose that old saying about size matters had'nt crossed my mind,but as it happens in my case size was everything,being a small size mattered.I very soon discovered that a lot of men thought of someone of my stature as a bit of a sex object and I suppose because I was more than willing to comply with their different sexual needs that I did'nt have a problem having some great sex

The second time I met the old man in the toilet his eyes litterally lit up,as I said he and the chap at the urinal with him had obviously been having a bit of a wanking session.When I stood at the urinal between them unzipping myself to get my cock out he turned towards me showing off his long slender cock,my immediate thought was,I've sucked that,and right then I could have got back on my knees and sucked it again,during the couple of days since I'd sucked it,my first cock,it was never far from my mind.

The other chap copped on almost instantly and turned to give me a full view of his,It's funny how moments like this stick in your mind,well in his case two things,it was really red and looked like he'd been giving it a hell of a wanking and it was'nt straight,it bent upwards,I remember thinking I could hang something on it,it was a cracking size and as I said looked very well used.

Both cubicles were already occupied and we were aware that one contained more than one chap,you could actually hear the wanking and sucking sounds coming from that one,that was something I got used to,having to very often wait for a cubicle to be vacated,and all of you reading this will remember seeing the fresh spunk on the floor or running down the wall.

The old chap had already started to maul my arse as we stood there at the urinal,I'd got my own cock out and was enjoying a wank,the other chap was almost drooling as he pulled hard and fast on cock looking at my little pinky and then he's pushing his hand inside my pants feeling for my balls,unconcerned about the possibility of someone coming in and catching us in a bit of a sexual situation they were both wanting a bit of me,they were both wanking themselves as they felt and probed my arse my cock and my balls,it was even better than when it was just the old chap on his own,now there were two chaps sexing me it was brill.

One of the cubicles was vacated,it was a chap on his own,obviously just a wank job,what a waste,the old chap was a complete gentleman indicating that we two could use it.Once we were inside he was all over me,pulling my pants down followed by my briefs and for the first time I experienced the pure joy of having my cock sucked.

He would have sucked me off there and then if I'd let him,but I did'nt want that and it did'nt take too much persuasion to settle for me sucking his instead.I was quickly learning that what you do with your hands during a sucking session was very very important,I found that holding the shaft in one hand and using the other one to play or tug on a chaps balls or fingering his arsehole,that almost without exception I ended up sucking them off,as indeed in this case I did,the other thing now was my taste for spunk,I loved the texture the taste the heat.

Once I'd sucked him off he did'nt waste time in tidying himself up and leaving,the old chap was still at the urinal already entertaining another chap,I did'nt bother to push the door shut,I was already naked from the waist down,the chap who was with him looked me up and down and I could see the lust in his face,but he let the old chap take his turn.

He wanted naked sex and I did'nt disappoint him,well maybe a little,he wanted to fuck me but I was'nt yet ready to take that step and in the end settled for me sucking him off.The chap who'd been with him at the urinal was still waiting and would provide me with my third feast of spunk that morning.

I quickly found that there was a constant supply of spunk and I'm certain that my immature body,small cock,small balls and almost hairless body contributed to the number of chaps who wanted to provide me with it,coupled with my love of sucking off cocks.