Written by Bazza

28 Dec 2008

Last Tuesday I travelled down to Darleston and for the very first time visited Greenhouse Sauna. I entered the complex at the same time as a guy in his 50s, obviously he could see that I was somewhat unsure of what to do and he kindly showed me the way to the locker room and told me what was where. After I stripped off I went on an exploring trip.....the place is fantastic but easy to get a bit lost.

Eventually I found my way to the 1st floor dungeon, (there is another in the celler which I discovered later) This was a darkened room with a video playing, there was a leather swing in one corner and a leather covered bench in the other. I then noticed that the bench was fitted with leather shackles at all for corners....this delighted me as I am into a bit of bondage...... I laid myself face down and slipped my hands in the cuffs feeling very much turned on.......I had been in the position for only a few seconds when the room door opened.....someone entered the room and I felt hands touching my bottom...stroking and carressing, the towel which was partially covering my lower regions was opened to give better access and I raised my body so that he or they could remove it completely......I felt a sharp smack accross my unprotected buttocks, mmmmmmm I said and lifted my bottom to give out a clear message that it was something I liked.......the spanker got the message ok and continued to spank me quite hard.

After a while the spanking stopped and a finger was inserted into my bumhole, it moved around and I squealed in pleasure, a second finger followed then they were removed.......I then was aware of a thick liquid being poured into my bum.....then I felt the tip of his dick nudging my anus......I was a bit concerned...how big was he?....would I be able to take it? I didnt need to worry, he was gentle and took his time....before long he was all the way and his balls were banging against my buttocks...I was in heaven !!!!

What I didnt know that he was not alone and his mate came round to the head of the bench and his dick was being forced into my mouth......he pushed right down my throat and I thought I was going to gag.......he got into a rythem and at long last I was getting what I always dreamed of......a spitroasting!!!!!!!

It was fantastic and they kept at it for ages before cumming almost at the same time.

We were all exhausted....(I have had aches and pains ever since) and then I realised that they guy who so expertly fucked my arse was the same person who had entered the sauna at the same time as me.

Will I go there again......you bet your sweet life I will and maybe lightening will not strike twice......maybe it will (with a bit of luck) and if the two guys are reading this...Thank You Very Much