Written by Jake

26 Jan 2010

Theres still some gloryholes in a couple of toilets I know in Cumbria and though Ive not put on girly undies myself Ive had sex with a couple of men who were wearing them,Im going to try them when I find how to get them.One of the men who was wearing them was an older fella.When I went in the toilet all the 3 cubicles were full,there was this fella standing at the stalls.I didnt know if he was just having a piss or if he was waiting to go in a cubicle.

Im still a bit nervous coz you never know,he looked at me and kinda smiled,even though Im 19 people say I dont look it,he looked at me again and said alright son.I looked down and he was playing with his cock,he turned a bit towards me and I could see he had a hardon,it was alright.It took a second or two for him to look at mine,I had a hardon when I went in the toilet.When he looked at mine he nodded and smiled and started wanking his,it was about the same size as mine 6/7 inches.

We could hear noises in the cubicles,it was pretty obvious what was going on.He opened his trousers and I could see he was wearing girly knickers,they were small and he had them pulled up with his cock and his balls out of the leg,then I noticed the sussy belt.He lowered his trousers a bit more and I could see the tops of stockings then he lifted his shirt up and turned around slowly so I could see his arse in the knickers,he looked real sexy.

When he was turned back towards me he lifted his shirt up and he had on a lacey white bra.The thing was he didnt get himself covered up in time coz we didnt hear the footsteps and another fella walked in the toilet,he hardly batted an eyelid,he tried the 3 doors,one opened and there was a fella standing there with no clothes on.He was bent slightly forward,he made no attempt to close the door.

The fella who came in stood there looking at him,it was obvious he could see what he was doing,he went in the cubicle and started to to smack his bare arse then took his own cock out and started wanking himself.My friend in the undies decided to have a look,he went to the door and nodded for me to come and have a look.There was a big gloryhole with a lovely set of balls and a massive cock fully through it,the naked fella was wanking it playing with the balls with his other hand.

The fella who had been slapping his arse was getting spit from his mouth and rubbing it between his cheeks,it was pretty obvious what he was going to do.Id never actually seen one man fuck another man before but I wanted to see it,I didnt have to wait long.He started to cover his cock in spit,it was amasing how sexy that was to watch,it was as if we werent there,he was obviously going to fuck him and didnt mind us watching.

The fella who was naked bent over a bit further,he knew he was going to be fucked and started to wiggle his arse as the spit covered cock went between his cheeks.With his cock placed between his cheeks he reached around and started to wank really fast on his cock at the same time pushing his own cock forward,I could actually see it go in.When it was in about halfways he started to fuck him,his cock going in up to the hilt then back halfways out before going straight back in again.

After a minute or so it was obvious they were both going to unload,the naked fellas cock was first to shoot,a lot of it landing on the cock he was still wanking,then you knew the fella who was fucking him was shooting,it was great to watch.

Within a couple of minutes they were both gone and within another minute we were in the cubicle,he was dressed in his girly undies and I was completely naked.The fella in the next cubicle was now concentrating on a fella in the far cubicle and somebody else had arrived at the stalls and was trying the doors.For the next hour or so we had a fabulous session of playing with each other,the fella with the big cock next door had shot his load as I assume had the fella in the far cubicle,both them cubicles were already occupied by newcomers.

Im still learning new things every time I go in one of these toilets and like McDonalds Im lovin it.Would still love to see pictures of cocks,I absolutely love cocks.