Written by Unique877

1 Apr 2015

This is a true story about the first time I got fucked in the arse. The year was 1974. I was a 19 year old soldier stationed in a city in Germany and as usual there was a red light district. I went there one Friday evening and found a cinema showing porn films. When I entered I found 3 screens, 2 showing m/f porn and 1 showing m/m porn. After watching the 2 m/f screens I went into the gay one. I sat near the back and a man sat next to me. He was about 35 yrs old and put his hand on my leg. I carried on watching the screen as his hand travelled up my leg until he reached my hard cock. I watch him as he stroked me through my jeans. He leant towards me and asked me to follow him to the toilets. When we got there we had to queue as there were quite a lot of 'couples' waitng. Eventually a cubicle became free and we entered. He undid my belt and button on my jeans and pushed them down around my lower legs. He then knelt and started to lick and suck my cock and balls. This was the first time anyone had sucked me as basically I was a very shy lad at that age. After I blew my load into his mouth, he turned me round and used my spunk on my hole. He pushed one finger in and massaged my hole. It felt great. He then stood up and lifted one of my legs onto the toilet and pushed his cock into me. No gentle entry, he just pushed straight into me. Fortunately he wasn't very big so it didn't hurt too much. He then proceeded to fuck me steadily for about 5 minutes and then blew his load into my arse. He then pulled out and using toilet paper, cleaned himself up and left me there with my jeans round my ankles and the door open for all to see. I quickly pulled my jeans up and scurried out of the toilets and into the street. I wandered the local streets for a while in a daze while I thought about what had just happened and decided that it wasn't too bad. I went into a nearby bar to get a beer and needed a piss so I went to to toilet in the bar. What happened in the toilet is another story if anyone is interested in reading it