21 Jan 2017

He had been round mine before, but I'd only dare to go as far as sucking his cock. This time he text me, telling me he was coming round and I should get naked while I waited on the bed, leaving the front door unlocked for him to let himself in. My heart pounding, I waited to hear the click of the front door. As soon as I heard his footsteps on the drive, my hole started to pulse like it knew what was coming. He came up the stairs and came into the bedroom, immediately undressing himself. I felt his hands caress my bum, then something touch my hole. It was warmer than any of the toys I'd had up there, and not as unforgiving as he pushed himself inside me. He made me gasp as he pushed himself all the way in, putting his full length inside me for the first time. He fucked me slowly at first, letting my ass get used to him, then he fucked me hard and fast pulling my cheeks apart to get himself even deeper. Long before I was ready for it to end, I felt him pulse strongly inside me, filling me up. He pulled himself out and got dressed, then left me there with his cum dripping out of me.