Written by William

22 Oct 2008

I discovered this site after overhearing a conversation in a pub.It has made me feel a lot better about my sexuality. I am a 19 year old male,who has fantsised about having sex with another man for some time. I would hate anybody to know that I had thoughts like that.When I masturbated I used pictures of girls. Then one day I found a gay magaszine in a public toilet. I hid it in my room and when I masturbated I would look at the pictures of naked lads doing things to each other.

I started to visit public toilets and look through holes in the wall,sometimes I would see a man masturbating. I would bring myself off and get out of there usually feeling guilty.Earlier this year I was hitching a lift from London,where I now work. I was returning to my home in Scotland. A chap dropped me off at a service station. I had a coffee and decided to have a wash. I was stripped to the waist in the toilets washing when a chap came in,I was wearing shorts.

He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. He must have noticed my rucksack. As he had a wee at the urinal next to the wash basin,making no attempt to hide his willy,he said,are you going far. Scotland I said,want a lift ,he asked, I am going most of the way. Yes please I replied. He made no attempt to put his willy away,he just stood there playing with it. I could see it was getting larger. I felt my own willy moving in my shorts,I was getting hard. It was as if he knew.

Suddenly there was footsteps,he quickly pushed his almost hard willy in his trousers and went to the other wash basin and washed his hands. I put my top on. Are you ready to go then he said. I could feel myself trembling inside. I followed him out. He had a four by four with darkened windows. He opened the door,put your bag in the back he said.He got in the drivers seat and we set off. He immediatley started talking about sex. I felt a little embarrassed. You are a young lad he said,I bet you can come off several times a day. I just smiled. I find he said, that when I am driving the movement of the car acts as a kind of vibrator and I get a hard on, has that happened to you. I don,t drive I mumbled.

You,ve got a nice body, he said,you probably noticed in the toilets I was getting a hard on looking at you. You were looking at my dick,you did,nt look away. Do you like dicks. I did,nt know what to say. I,ve got a hard on,he said,smiling at me,have you,no I replied. Would you like to see it ,he asked. I did,nt reply. He undid his trousers,I knew he was pushing his underpants down. He completely exposed his willy and his balls.His willy was hard standing straight up. What do you think,he asked in a very matter of fact way. What could I say, I said nice. Come on then ,he said,I,ve shown you mine return the favour.He was so much in control and suddenly I wanted to do it. I undid my shorts,push them down he said,better still take them off,nobody can see us. Even as I pushed them down I felt my willy harden. I wear small briefs,I felt my willy slip above the waistband as it hardened.I removed my shorts,he reached for them and put them in the back.

His hand came across and felt for my willy, nice one he said. He pushed my teeshirt up,I was right he said you have got a nice body. Push your pants down he said,they are not hiding much anyway. I did,thats great he said as he started to masturbate me,you won,t come off on me he said,I,ll be stopping up ahead I want you to do the same for me. I made no reply I just let him masturbate me. I don,t come off easily anyway.He turned off onto a side road and drove for about a mile then pulled in by a wooded area. There were other cars parked up. He undid our seat belts and reached back for my shorts. Lets go for a walk he said as he zipped up. I put my shorts on. My willy was still hard.

There was a pathway, I was nervous but I had already done something I would never have thought I would do. The wood was quite dense. Suddenly there was two chaps,completely naked standing by some trees. Both their willy,s were fully hard. They just smiled as we walked past them. Nice day for it my driver casually said as we walked by. I looked back they were masturbating each other. We stopped a little bit on from them,I could still see them. They did,nt seem to mind. M y driver undid his shirt and removed it,come on he said as he undid his trousers and removed them. He too was wearing briefs,but they were girls briefs.Like them he said,I love wearing them. They were just covering his balls. His willy was standing straight up. Come on he said again,you know you want to. He was right. I looked back at the other two chaps,they were really masturbating each other.

I removed my top and shorts,my willy was hard it was sticking out of my briefs.He pushed them down and removed them. The other chaps were watching us. He removed his girls briefs. He put his arms around me and rubbed his willy hard against mine his hands tightly holding the cheeks of my bottom. I found myself responding my hands holding his bottom. He let me go and took my willy in his hand and moved my hand onto his.We started to masturbate each other completely naked being watched by two chaps as they masturbated each other. He suddenly went on his knees and without warning put my willy in his mouth. My knees were shaking. I was aware the other two chaps had joined us. One reached for my hand and put his willy in it. I instinctivly started masturbating him. A chap was walking towards us along the path. It seemed like this was unreal. He was dressed in bra, briefs,suspender belt and stockings. The only giveaway was he was masturbating his willy as he walked towards us.I wondered what could happen next.