Written by panza

28 Nov 2010

I was at university when I had my first gay experience. I'd suspected I might enjoy another man and whilst I'd only gone with girls I found the thought of another man's cock exciting. I used to go swimming a lot and practised on the diving board. My friend told me that some old guy had been watching me as I was diving in. I didnt really pay any attention, and carried on as before. I was tall and slim, 18 years old. Eventually I decided to get out. I went round to the showers which were open plan. The old guy was in there, alone and naked, with a swollen cock which he was rubbing. He had a good build: slim with a flat stomach which made his cock look big. I went up to the shower a couple away from him and started washing myself. I still had my trunks on and pretended to ignore him. When I glanced over he was facing me smiling, with a hard on pointing in my direction. I was trying to control my breathing and avoid trembling. I decided to remove my trunks. My cock was beginning to stir. When I was naked I still ignored him but could feel his eyes on me. Fortunately no-one else had come into the shower. I then felt his hand on my arse. I turned round and saw him close by with his hard on standing proud. I reached over and closed my fingers round it. This was the first time I'd held another cock in my hand. I stroked it a couple of times and he gestured us to go to the close by cubicle. He followed me in, both of us still naked, carrying our trunks in our hands. Once in he leaned against me, my back to the cubicle wall and started kissing my neck and moving down my body. I gently pushed him down to my now-throbbing cock. He closed his mouth round it and began to suck. I was so excited, my breathing fast and knowing I would cum soon. His hands were holding my buttocks pulling me onto him. I came quickly, with a lot of cum filling his mouth. He drank every drop. After I had come, I just wanted away, but he stood up and held me against him, rubbing his cock against me till he came. Afterwards he picked up his trunks and let himself out of the cubicle, with me left standing, dripping his cum off my belly and cock. But that was my first. I was soon to move onto more with the discovery of cottages.