Written by pinboy

26 Aug 2011

I am sixty and have been reading the stories on here and getting harder than ever with the Bi stories. I had been to a wooded area near Exeter on several occasions but had bottled it every time. On this particular day I had parked there at lunchtime and was reading my paper when a knock came on the door, not seen you here before he said no I replied not been here. You up for some fun he said I dont really know I stuuterd first time eh? yeah, well follow me then if you are interested. Nervously I went down into the wood, he led me a little way in and then stopped I was wondering what to do next when he undid my shorts and pushed them down I am not very big downstairs but not to worry he started to stroke my cock.Needless to say it soon got hard do you want me to suck it for you, Yes I replied he got down on his knees and took it in his mouth, WOW what a feeling. It didnt take long for me to feel like I would burst so I stopped him as I didnt know if he wanted a mouthfull. He stood up and I thought well lets return the favour I took down his trousers and pants and took his eight inches in my hand, the first time I had held another mans cock, He moaned as I gently stroked it, I then thought go for it so i knelt and tasted my first cock. It was superb I gagged at first when he shoved it right in but soon got into a rhythem. He took about five minutes before he said he was coming it was too late to stop I had my first taste of spunk salty but nice. I took all he could give and swallowed most. He then said your turn now and set about me. This time as he was sucking me he started to tease my virgin arsehole, this felt great so I opened my legs more and he stuck his finger in heaven. I came almost straight away. We both dressed and returned to the car park where he said till next time and perhaps you can fuck me and I can return the favour. Tha was my first time but I dont think it will be my last.