Written by Leslie

27 Mar 2012

I'm 21 yrs old and even though I've known for a long time that I'm gay because I find it a bit hard to make friends until 2 wks ago I've only had one sexual relatoinship,that was'nt very satisfactory,he was a man in his 50s and I used to go to his flat where we would have sex,then I discovered the flat was a place he rented and he was in fact married,I liked having sex with him but there was no future in it,I wonder what his wife would say if she knew the times we spent naked in each others company.

Of course I was gutted but it was an experience and returning to just masturbation on my own wasn't much of a substitution.Then 2 wks ago I was in a small town in Wales looking at an employment option,I was staying overnight and in the afternoon I was having a look around,believe it or not I had never before considered sex in a public toilet,I've read stories on this and other sites but got the impression it did'nt happen any more,I was even surprised the toilet was still in use.

As much out of curiousity as anything else I decided to go in,it was almost in semi darkness when I first went in and it took me a few seconds to adjust to the light,there was a man standing at the urinal,my first instinct was to leave again but for some reason went and stood next to him at the urinal,he glanced at me quickly then looked down towards his hands,I got my cock out even though I knew I did'nt want a pee.

I realised he was making no attempt to hide the fact that he was masturbating which somehow did'nt surprise me,he looked towards me again then down to my hands,I knew exactly what he wanted,I was familiar with mutual masturbation my older ex friend and I regularly did it with the aid of some gay porn and it was something I really liked,I loved seeing him ejaculate.

Even though it was completely unplanned I could'nt prevent myself becoming sexually aroused and my cock becoming erect in my hand,he had already turned towards me and now with my eyes fully adjusted to the light I could see the moist swollen head of his cock move in and out from his foreskin as his hand moved with slow deliberate up and down movements along its length.

I was no longer aware that I was in a public place,I turned towards him and imitated the movements of his hand on my cock.I knew from my previous experience that the next move would be mutual masturbation and I wanted that to happen,so as he reached his hand out to take my cock from my hand I reached for his and we started to masturbate each other,I really,really needed it,I was completely unaware of the risks of somebody coming in,or indeed that the 2 cubicles were occupied,it was only when one of the doors opened and a man came out,looked briefly at us masturbating each other and left.

Without letting go of my cock my friend nodded towards the now empty cubicle but was already litterally leading me towards it as he held onto my cock.At first it was hard to see when he closed the door,but again as my eyes adjusted I could see the set up,there was a massive glory hole into the next cubicle,I could make out a naked body and as I could see more I could see all of a naked body except for his head,he was sitting on the loo,his legs wide apart a very impressive erect cock in his grip standing up from between his legs being masturbated,I could see fresh spunk moving down from the glory hole,obviously deposited by the occupant who had just left.

I was just about aware that my friend was already down to a pair of rather sexy white briefs,which he'd obviously decided he wanted to continue wearing,I rather liked that,he had taken his now throbbing cock and his balls out from one of the legs.I made no attempt to stop him as he started to undress me,like the two of them I wanted to be naked,he stopped when we got to my briefs smiled and said "on or off",I wanted them off,he obliged,it felt so sexy having my undies removed again by another man.

From being somebody who had only expereienced sex with one other person,during the next couple of hours I was about to embark on a sexual adventure I shall probably never forget,as I said earlier on I love to watch another man ejaculate,now I was about to see many.