Written by Leslie

28 Mar 2012

I wasn't sure if anybody would find my story interesting,even though I loved what happened it was a one off.The man in the next cubicle already had his arm through masturbating my friend really quickly as he was helping to get my clothes off.Even though I wanted him to take my briefs off and I found that very erotic,he himself looked very sexy keeping his own small white ones on,my ex older friend always wore boxers and I had often wished he would wear sexier undies.

When I was completely naked he pulled his cock away from from the grip of our neighbours hand and got onto his knees and started to suck on my cock,it was like I was being sucked for the first time even though my ex friend liked to suck me off and I liked sucking his cock off,but this was a new mouth,new lips,new tongue playing with it,it was gorgeous.

The arm and hand from next door wanted to join in and found its way between my legs from behind and made my balls its plaything,knowing that one of them was sucking on my cock whilst the other played with my balls was an awesome feeling.I knew from the way my friend stood up and pushed me downwards that he needed me to return the compliment,other than my ex friend I had never sucked anyone elses cock,I was a bit surprised how similar his cock felt in my mouth,he wasn't just leaking precum he was also leaking spunk and even that tasted similar,but nevertheless the fact that it was a new cock was brill.

I became aware that our next door neighbour was sitting back on the loo his legs fully wide apart and there wasn't any doubt the way he was moving his hand on his cock that he was going for an ejaculation.Even though I was concentrating on sucking my friends cock I didn't want to miss next door coming off.

I was glad I didn't have to wait long,not surprising the way he was handling himself.He was making a bit of noise but didn't seem to care,the light was just about sufficient to see him ejaculate,the first 3 or 4 globules spurting upwards with some force,then with less and less force as he continued to masturbate himself to a finish,brilliant,brilliant,brilliant.

He had barely left the cubicle when two things happened,the cubicle got a new occupant and the lights came on,the newcomer immediately started to undress,that was obviously the order of the day,I can see why so many who tell their stories on these sites miss the public toilets.I realised that my friend with me had started to "fuck" my mouth,that was something my ex friend loved doing,holding my head in a tight grip and "fucking" my mouth,now my friend with me was doing the same thing.

I'd experienced that often enough to know when I'm going to get a mouthful of spunk and I knew that was about to happen.As he filled my mouth and I started to swallow I was sure his spunk was sweeter than my ex's,I wanted all he could give me and even when he'd given me his lot I just knew I needed more,my new next door neighbour was already exploring any part of my body he could reach,while my friend cleaned himself and dressed I let my neighbour masturbate me,how much better could things get.