Written by Darren

23 Jul 2012

I’ve recently stumbled into an ‘affair’ with my friend’s father. My name’s Darren and I’m 28 years old, quite slim, brown hair, about 6 foot. This all started 2 weeks ago when I went on holiday with my friend Justin to Spain. We thought it was going to be a lads type of holiday i.e. sleep all day, party all night and hopefully pull a few young ladies along the way. We would be staying in his parents villa and were getting really excited up until the moment they decided to join us! We were so pissed off and found the whole incident very annoying but what could we do? The flights had already been paid for and that was that.

Nothing really happened the first few days. We couldn’t really bring any girls back to the villa as Justin’s parents were constantly there. It was the fourth night when things started getting interesting. I awoke one night to the sound of moaning. At first I thought Justin had brought back the girl he was chatting up earlier. I had left the nightclub before him as I was having no luck and was feeling a little ill. I looked across the room and noticed that Justin was alone and fast asleep. The moaning was coming from down the hallway. It was obviously Justin’s parents, Frank and Cheryl were having sex. I felt myself get a semi hard on at the thought of the two of them doing it. To be honest Cheryl was a bit of a milf. She was in her late 50’s but still had a fantastic figure. I definitely had a few cheeky glances of her in her bikini. Frank was a similar height to me, he had a small belly, quite muscly though and thin white hair. Frank was actually younger than Cheryl, he was in his early 50’s.

Feeling a little horny and cocky I decided to see whether I could catch them in the act. I quietly climbed out of my bed and slowly walked down the hallway. Luckily their bedroom door was slightly ajar, so I inched forward and peered through the gap. They were both completely naked, Cheryl was on all fours whilst Frank was fucking her from behind doggy style. They just about had their backs to me, so I took another step forward to get a slightly better view. It was quite a site to see these two going at it. They may have been in their 50’s but were going at it like there was no tomorrow. Cheryl was moaning as Frank continued to thrust his cock in and out of her. I felt my own cock getting really hard in my pants. I gave it a gentle rub as I carried on enjoying this amazing fuck session. Oddly I seemed to focus more so on Frank’s body than I did Cheryl’s. I especially fixated on his bum and watching his balls slap against Cheryl’s body. The more I watched the more I felt myself being turned on by Frank’s naked body. For the first time in my life I was actually having gay fantasies! I felt a little wrong for thinking this way, especially as it was my mates dad.

By now I had slid my underwear down and was tightly gripping my own cock. Slowly jerking off to the sight of these two horny matures going at it. I was growing in confidence as they still had no idea I was there watching them. I took another step forward and then heard the floorboard beneath my feet creek! I stood still, and prayed they hadn’t heard me. Cheryl didn’t…but Frank had. He turned around but still continued to fuck his wife. He saw me watching with my cock in my hand. We locked eyes for a moment, I froze, unsure what to do. Then all of a sudden Frank smiled at me and winked. He then turned back around and really started to fuck Cheryl. He slapped her ass hard, which made her gasp. Was he performing for me? Either way it didn’t last much longer. Frank’s body tensed up as he shot his load deep into Cheryl’s fanny. He looked back round to find me still masturbating. He gave me another wink and then ushered me to leave. I quickly walked to bathroom, locked the door and finished myself off. I then returned to bed and tried my best to get to sleep.

I awoke the next morning and instantly felt guilty. What had possessed me to spy on Frank and Cheryl? I blamed the drink and then prayed that Frank hadn’t said anything to Cheryl or Justin! Otherwise this holiday was going to get extremely awkward. I went outside to find the three of them enjoying breakfast by the villa’s pool. They all said good morning and everything seemed normal. I looked at Frank who smiled at me, it was a knowing smile. We all started chatting and ate our food however I got the feeling that Frank was looking at me in a strange way. I noticed that when talking he would make eye contact but then sort of look me over…maybe I was imagining things. I was still trying to get the image of him and Cheryl having sex last night out of my head. The last thing I needed was a hard on at the breakfast table.

We were all due to go into the old town that day to do some shopping, however Justin was still feeling ill from last night so decided to have a day by the pool. Cheryl was also feeling ‘tired’ this morning (I wonder why) and also decided to have an afternoon by the pool. This left myself and Frank taking a taxi into the old town together. Now usually that wouldn’t have been a problem. I get on well with Frank, we had more in common than perhaps he did with Justin. We liked the same football team and could quite often talk about absolutely anything. However after the events of last night the entire journey was really awkward.

Eventually after some pretty pathetic small talk around the market stalls Frank came out and said it. “Did you enjoy the show last night?”

“err yeah, sorry about that Frank.” I said, embarrassed.

“I noticed you were enjoying it.” Frank said with a wry smile. He then looked down at my shorts. I felt a little awkward and pretended to be interested in some jeans. “Would you like to fuck my wife?” I couldn’t believe he had said that! I froze still and looked at him, completely gob smacked.

“No! Of course not.” I blurted out.

“Really? It’s just you had a pretty big erection!” Frank said, with a big smile. I couldn’t believe how calm he was about it. Most guys would have gone ballistic at what I had done. “So, if you didn’t have a hard on over Cheryl, what did you have a hard on over?” Frank asked. I tried to come up with something but my brain wasn’t working. Frank laughed and asked me to follow him.

We walked for about 10 minutes, not saying a word. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. We were going through a load of back streets but eventually ended up on the beach. It was odd though because there weren’t many people around. It was very secluded…

We were walking next to the cliff when Frank made his move. Without saying anything he grabbed me and pushed me into what could only be described as a small cave. I didn’t go too far into the cliff but was enough to conceal us from the people on the beach. I honestly thought he was going to hit me or something. But then all of a sudden he grabbed my crotch and started rubbing it.

“Frank, what on earth are you doing!?”

“Relax Darren. I saw the way you were looking at me last night. I’ve feel the same way too.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. I found myself fighting him at first, trying to push him away but quickly stopped resisting and allowed him to continue rubbing me. “Don’t fight it boy. We both know you want this and if you don’t…then we will have to tell Justin and Cheryl about what you did last night!” I couldn’t believe my ears, was he blackmailing me? Whatever he wanted, it was pretty obvious he was going to get his way. I felt myself getting hard and noticed that Frank was to.

He grabbed the back of my neck and started kissing me. It was the first time I had ever kissed another bloke...but I loved it…it was actually really horny. I had never had gay urges until last night’s incident. But all of a sudden, the prospect of…having sex with another man was really starting to turn me on! What was wrong with me? Am I gay?

Before I had time to fully contemplate these questions, Frank had gotten on to his knees and had pulled my shorts down. He took my erect penis in his hands and slowly…almost seductively licked the bottom of my shaft. He did this whilst maintaining complete eye contact with me. I cupped the back of his head and watched in amazement as he slowly took my cock in his mouth. He then started to move his head up and down and gave me the most wonderful blowjob. It truly was the best one I had ever had. He really knew what he was doing and surely must have done this before.

I cautiously looked up to see whether anyone could see us. Thankfully we were quite hidden away as my friend’s dad perfumed his sex act on me on a public Spanish beach! He must have been pleasuring me for about 5 minutes or so when he decided to start playing with my balls. He was rubbing my genitals all over his face and then started sucking on my balls really hard. He took them in his mouth, one at a time and smiled as he sucked hard. He made a comment about them tasting nice, which turned me on quite a bit!

I told him to slow down as I was going to cum but if anything he sped up even more! He broke away for a brief moment to tell me he wanted to swallow my cum. I had never had anyone who wanted to do that before. The women I usually ended up with didn’t want to swallow, they would either spit or ask me not to cum in their mouths. However Frank wasn’t a girl, he was a man, and he was performing oral sex on me! This was so wrong…but felt so right!

Frank was really sucking hard on my cock now. He was also playing with my sweaty balls. He would gently tug at them and then give them a soft massage. It felt incredible and I could no longer contain myself. I arched my back, desperately trying to resist the inevitable. I let out an exhausted cry and ejaculated hard into my new lover’s mouth. My thick, creamy goodness filled him as he quickly began to swallow it all down. I kept cumming, it felt like it would never end! It was one of the biggest loads I had ever produced. I could see that Frank was almost struggling to swallow it all!

I collapsed onto the cool sand exhausted. I was overcome with so many emotions and was struggling to process them all. What on earth had gotten into me! I just let my friends dad perform a gay sex act on me…and I liked it…I wanted more. Was I gay? What are these strange new feelings. I felt confused and a little scared. My balls ached from the huge load they had just produced. Frank meanwhile had stood back up and was gazing over me. He licked his lips…as if lapping up every last taste of me.

He pulled me up and we made our way back to the villa. I couldn’t get what we had just done out of my head. I wanted more, I needed him to do more things to me. I desperately wanted to kiss him like he did to me down on the beach. But alas now wasn’t the time. We arrived back at the villa and Frank and Cheryl started making tea. Justin wanted to chat but I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t take my eyes off my lover. I just had to jerk off, the urges were too much. I locked myself in the bathroom like I had done the previous night and furiously masturbated to the thought of Frank.

Sadly we never had another opportunity to do anything before we left for home. We did have a quick snog and the odd grope when Justin and Cheryl weren’t in the same room. But it only lasted a few seconds. However upon our return we have seen one another a couple of times. I live on my own in a small flat and invited him round for a bit of fun. So far we’ve just done oral and it’s been amazing. I’m really looking forward to Saturday when he’s popping round in the morning. Fingers crossed things go further this time. I’ll keep you posted if you’re interested.