Written by barnman

24 Jan 2009

Last Monday I had to take my car for a service at a specialist dealer in Hartlepool, about 80 minutes drive from where I live. They needed the car for about three hours so, rather than borrow a courtesy car, I decided, as this was my first visit to Hartlepool, to stay there and mooch around. After about an hour I needed a pee and found a town centre toilet (opposite the Lidyl supermarket) and went in. A couple of cubicles were occupied and there was one good looking guy standing at the furthest urinal bowl. He continued to stand still as I peed and with a sideways glance I could see the tip of an obviously hard cock. I was feeling fairly randy and my cock instantly began to stiffen up and I stayed there until it was hard. The other guy was still standing there and out of the corner of my eye I could see that he was watching me. I made no attempt to hide my erection and when I turned my head towards him he had a broad grin on his face and was giving me a good view of his cock too. He whispered, "Beautiful. Like to come to my flat?" I nodded yes and we left a few seconds apart and met up outside. John (not his real name) was 45 (23 years younger than me), about 5'9" Tell, slim and very good looking. He said his flat was about ten minutes walk away and on the way we talked about what we both liked best and we were obviously going to get on well. He told me he had a regular 26-year old boy friend who he knew would be free now and asked if I fancied a 3-some. Yes! It had been ages since I last had that pleasure. So John phoned Dave (name also changed) and invited him to meet him at his flat.

It would be about 15 minutes before Dave would arrive so John suggested that he and I should get naked first and we went to his bedroom. It was very swish, modern and clean, with a 6 foot wide bed and some full height mirrors on the wall on one side. We both kicked off our shoes and socks and John suggested that we also strip off on top but keep our trousers on and slowly explore each other. I agreed.

John got me to stand in front of the mirror and he came and stood behind me, looking over my shoulder as he began to sensually, lightly stroke me over my chest, tweaking my nipples and slowly working both hands down to my crotch and running them sexily over by very obvious bulge. He undid my belt and pushed my trousers down and then returned his hands to feel my cock through my tight pants which were damp with precum. "Oh, that feels lovely he said" before he slowly eased my waist band forward so that my cock was free and, at 6.5", was standing firm and proud as he touched it for he first time. He was great.

We changed places and I gave John the same treatment. But when unzipped and loweerd his trousers he had no pants on and his cock burst out. At least 7" it looked and felt fantastic and I was glad that, like me, he was also fully shaved. Also we were both uncut but our foreskins were worn at back of our lovely shining purple knobs. I was incredibly turned on!

John said we should both lie on the bed and play around until Dave arrived and, before we did, from a bedside drawer he produced a box of tissues, a bottle of Astrglide lube (which I love and also use at home) and some condoms. We lay facing each other, touching and exploring each others cocks. John had a fantastic touch, just as I like it: very slow and gentle and, with one hand, stretching the foreskin right back to the base of the shaft and running the finger tips of the other hand lightly over the knob, in the groove behind it and stroking the sensitive stretched frenum. He appreciated me giving him the same treatment.

Suddenly the door bell rang and John knew that it was Dave. He told be to pull the duvet over my waist so that Dave could also explore what I had to offer before he saw.

Dave looked fantastic when he came in and younger than his actual age. He was about

the same height as John and beautifully slim. John stood in front of him and slowly and sexily undressed Dave down to his pants. The bulge looked magnificent and his chest was incredibly smooth and firm.

John watched as Dave slipped under the duvet and slid over towards me on my right. I felt his hand come over and begin stroking my right thigh and slowly moving up until he reached my balls and then, at last, my cock. Mmmmm, he said, that feels great! I reached over and touched him for the first time. He was huge and I slipped his pants down and felt his cock. The biggest of us all, obviously circumcised and also smooth shaved. John pulled the duvet off us and it was an incredible sight.

John joined us on the bed and we formed a triangle. I had the pleasure of Dave's cock to play with and suck, he had John's and he had mine. I've always found it incredibly exiting to pleasure one guy whilst a different guy plays with me. And so it was now. After a while we concentrated on oral fun, licking our balls, underside of the shaft up and down, flicking the frenum and licking and fully sucking our knobs and taking the cocks as deep as we could. After about ten minutes we changed the triangle so that we each had a different cock to enjoy.

After a while John said he'd like to see Dave and me play with each other and he watched as we got into the 69 position while John lubricated both our cocks with Astroglide before we started to slowly wank and suck each other, always resting if one of us was getting close to cumming. I really enjoyed having Dave's big cut cock. I've always had a particular liking for them.

I really needed a rest. I was getting too close to cumming but wanted this session to go on for ages. So I came away and enjoyed John and Dave enjoying each other. They were obviously very experienced together. Eventually John said he would love it if I would suck him while Dave fucked him. He told me he loved having Dave shafting him because he could really feel the rim of his pronounced cut knob moving in and out.

So they got off the bed and John sexily and expertly rolled a condom on Dave's cock before liberally applying extra lubrication with Astroglide and to the rim of his arse. They were going to fuck standing up so I had the exciting prospect of being able to watch as Dave very slowly and gently pressed his knob against John and little by little got the whole knob in. He stayed still whilst John adjusted and then I continued watching as Dave slowly pushed in further bit by bitantil he was well in before he slowly began fuck with long slow stokes. They were both moaning with delight and John begged me to now kneel in front of him and suck at the same time. His cock seemed bigger and harder than ever and I was pleased to mouth fuck him, keeping my movements in time with Dave's. Soon John was moaning he couldn't hold on any longer and I could certainly feel his cock pulsating in my mouth. I'm afraid I don't like swallowing so I took my lips way and briefly wanked John until he shot an enormous load all over my chest.

John was spent and Dave slowly withdrew. He hadn't yet cum but was desperate to do so, as was I. He removed the condom and I said I'd lie on the bed and would like him to sit astride me whilst I held our cocks together and wanked them simultaneously. Dave loved the idea and I applied more lube to both our cocks so than they were lovely and slippy, lay on my back with Dave astride me and just swiftly but lightly wanked us together. We were both so excited it didn't take more than a minute before I could hold back no longer and Dave followed straight away, showering me with another incredible load.

We were both more than satisfied and all went into the walk-in shower together to clean up before we all had to leave with things to do. It really was the best session I've had for years and we agree that we will certainly do it again when I can next devise an excuse to go to Hartlepool.