17 Apr 2017

My first time with another guy was in my early 30's with my mother in laws new boyfriend tony. She had been with him for about 6 months much to my then wife's disgust as she was not very keen on him, he was in his early fifties and very sure of himself.

I had always in them days done a bit of sport and was now into squash as part of my keep fit push, tony had never showed any interest in any sport so was a bit shocked when he asked if he could play me at squash but agreed as I was always ready for a run around. We agreed to meet at a local and very rundown sports centre which was due to close soon which was handy as nobody bothered booking there so was easy to get a court.

We agreed to play at 8 when he finished work, he turned up and we had a bit of a game for half hour but it was very apparent he never had much of a clue. We entered the showers which were empty as we was the last booking of the day got undressed and started to wash as we were showering I could not help but notice tony's very thick and much bigger than I had cock.

I must have been staring as he caught me looking and gave me a smile at which point I turned my back and carried on washing as I did so tony asked me if I had liked what I had seen and had I ever been with another guy? now I must be honest I had thought about it and I had used things in my arse during wanking sessions but to be confronted like this was totally new to me!

At this point he come up behind me and I could feel his now hard and large cock against my behind and whispered well have you? my knees were knocking and my heart pounding as he took my hand with his and guided it behind me and wrapped it round his cock with his hand over mine and started to wank up and down.

He then took his hand away leaving mine on his rock hard cock which I had not stopped rubbing and I by now was as hard as stone I then felt him get my shoulders and turn me round with my back against the shower wall he fell down on his knees and took my cock in his mouth and started to lick and suck me and I was soon ready to blow my load to which I started to tell him I was coming ........ more to come!!