17 Apr 2017

This made him suck harder and within seconds I was squirting my load into his mouth, when I had finished he stood up and faced me and then started to kiss me passing the contents of his mouth into mine whilst he was rubbing hard and fast on his own cock he then bucked a little and shot his hot cream all over my belly. With this he said time to get dressed and go which we both did without a word we said our goodbyes his was with a little smile.

Once at home I could not stop thinking about what happened and it was not long before I was wanking myself silly over what happened.

The next day my wife told me that at the weekend we were going to a bbq at my inlaws house I for a change could not wait!

When we arrived my mother in law Lynda and tony were in the back garden already waiting for us we all go drinks and settled down when tony said he needed a hand in the garage with his car. We went into the garage and he clicked the door behind us he then asked did I enjoy what we had done to which I said very much, good he replied as you have more to come he then told me to look out of the window at my wife and Lynda at the table as I did so he came behind me and pulled my shorts down revieling my already semi hard cock he then told me to bend over and tell him if either Lynda or my wife move.

I could now feel his finger at my bum hole rubbing gently he then feel to his knees and started to tongue my hole making lots of spit I was in heaven!!

After about 5 minutes he stood up his shorts round his ankles and nudged his huge cock at my now soaked hole and gently started to push it in me all the time I am looking at Lynda knowing I am going to get what she has been having. He started very slowly to push the head of his tool in to me with a little pop he was in and starting to fuck me slow, then with one motion he pushed all the way to the hilt and I groaned with pleasure as he picked up speed then in an instant I felt him tense and release his load in to me.

This was one of many encounters until Lynda got a new less interesting boyfriend!!

Hope you enjoy the story.....